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Zira Ain Homestay Tasik Chini Pahang

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Zira Ain Homestay Tasik Chini Pahang

Zira Ain Homestay Tasik Chini Pahang terletak kira-kira 90km dari Bandar Kuantan dan 45km dari Muadzam Shah.Lokasinya di Hadapan SMK Chini 2

Hanya 5minit jarak dari pekan Chini.


Isi borang di bawah!


Menawarkan pakej penginapan dari serendah RM150 yang pasti menjimatkan.

Menyediakan: 2 bilik tidur

Ruang Tamu yang sangat LUAS dan selesa

Bilik air/tandas, serta dapur

Berdekatan dengan Tasik Chini

Maklumat lanjut hubungi: En. Rashid 013-9597973

Homestay Tasik Chini Pahang

The Lagend Of Tasik Chini

Tasik Chini is a lake close to the Pahang River in focal Pahang, Malaysia. The lakeshores are occupied by the Jakun limb of the Orang Asli.

The 12,565 sections of land (5,026 hectares) Tasik Chini is the second biggest new water lake in Malaysia and is comprised of a progression of 12 lakes. Chini River, which empties out of the lake, streams into Pahang River. The waterway is dammed to keep up the lake’s profundity amid the dry season. Notwithstanding, this has upset the common nature of the lake and brought about the demise of trees on its shores because of lifted water level.

Tasik Chini is one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status site in Malaysia with the other is Crocker Range in Malaysian Borneo

The lake is likewise invested with a rich bio-differentiated lavish tropical wild that is home to 138 types of vegetation, 300 types of non-oceanic live and 144 types of crisp water fish. In the middle of August and September the lake is changed into a coasting enclosure with a great many white and pink lotus blossoms covering the surface

The lake offers quiet and serene surroundings saturated with myths and legends that have stayed unexplained right up ’til today. As indicated by an Orang Asli legend, the lake is occupied by a monster called the Naga Seri Gumum (at times alluded to as “Malaysia’s Loch Ness Monster”). It is accepted to contain an antiquated indented Khmer city at the base of the lake

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