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Zam Homestay Changlun

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Zam Homestay Changlun


Nak cari homestay area Kedah?? Zam Homestay Changlun sedia menerima tempahan sempena cuti sekolah nie..

buat duit dengan fimgoapps


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Zam Homestay Changlun Foto

Zam Homestay Changlun Zam Homestay Changlun

Kemudahan asas disediakan..

-3 bilik katil Queen 2 bilik Air
Kadar Sewa RM 130 SEHARI

Zam Homestay Changlun Contact

Hubungi Puan Salma 012 4874799

Zam Homestay Changlun Attraction

Changlun is a primary bordertown in Kedah, Malaysia. It is situated in the region of Kubang Pasu, around 42 km north from Alor Star and 8 km close Bukit Kayu Hitam. The word changlun starts from Thai “chang lon, which signifies “fallen elephant”.

The development of the North-South Expressway going through Changlun has empowered the town to appreciate smooth advancement. The finished Changlun-Kuala Perlis Highway rates up improvement in the town also. With the new government thruway, drivers can go to essential advanced education foundations, for example, UUM in Sintok, KPM, KMK, KMP, UiTM Arau, UniMAP Arau and Polytechnics of Perlis. Drivers are additionally encouraged to utilize the without toll government roadway for scope Langkawi by means of Kuala Perlis quicker.

EDC-UUM begins its operation on September 2006. The idea is to give inn standard items and administrations and push ahead to satisfy its business sector needs.It is the main reason in Sintok territory with idea of lodging and class offices. EDC-UUM’s tastefully planned, esteemed for cash settlement comprises of 88 visitor rooms.Our roomy visitor rooms are exquisitely enlivened to supplement both business and relaxed interests.

Situated in Sintok, Kedah, EDC-UUM is preferably situated alongside Universiti Utara Malaysia primary grounds and business territories, for example, C-Mart and different business foundations. Not just that, it is additionally deliberately found near the obligation free complex in Bukit Kayu Hitam and Padang Besar for good deal items.It is 30 minutes from the Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Halim in Kepala Batas and 45 minutes from the city of Alor Star.We are resolved to give the most astounding guidelines in inn administrations and offices with regards to our slogan: “Your Smile, Our Joy”

Zam Homestay Changlun Kedah

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