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Prime 10 Causes To Go to The Galapagos Islands

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Seeking to discover actually enchanting locations in your custom-made South America excursions? An archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on both aspect of the Equator within the Pacific Ocean and west of continental Ecuador, we offer our prime 10 causes to go to the Galapagos Islands.


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Whereas a number of journey locations declare to be ‘uniquely completely different’, the Galapagos Islands are exactly that! It was the American author Kurt Vonnegut who as soon as wrote, “So, the Galapagos Islands may very well be hell in a single second and heaven within the subsequent….”


La Espanola island, Galapagos, Ecuador

The place else on this planet can you may have an eye-to-eye staring contest with wild animals and lose?

Your subsequent journey vacation spot is correct right here! With a dizzying array of causes to go to, the Galapagos conjures up an entire new perspective of the world and journey – undoubtedly price exploring including to the itinerary to your customized South America tours.

Think about!

Fantasize crusing amid undisturbed pure volcanic islands housing a few of the most mysterious creatures on earth. Think about venturing amongst curiously inquisitive ‘Blue-footed Boobies’, timeless big tortoises, and the peculiarly endemic marine iguana. Visualize seashores of all hanging colours and hues.

Journey ought to at all times be about what you wish to expertise, the locations you want to see and the stuff you wish to do. But, we undoubtedly could make some strong causes for visiting the Galapagos Islands.

1. Remoteness – World’s Finish:

Enchanting Travels South America Tours Galapagos

These secluded islands are pristine, picturesque and comparatively untouched. Though straddling the Equator, they’re devoid of tropical panorama and fairly barren, with frigid waters swathed in thick sea fog. These islands had been shaped from rising sizzling magma thermal plumes atop the Nazca tectonic plate.

2. Enjoying Charles Darwin:

In 1835, Charles Darwin sailed to the Galapagos within the HMS Beagle, first glimpsing these islands he referred to as “a bit world inside itself.” Their distinctive variety prompted his publication about his theories on evolution. Galapagos has since grow to be a uncommon vacation spot and is continually shocking. Don’t miss the Charles Darwin Analysis Heart!

3. Nature’s Drama:

13 islands had been born from fiery volcanoes. Cruise these enchanted islands and observe volcano summits, tortured lava flows, and impossibly blue skies and seas. Panga (dinghy) excursions allow you to uncover distant mangroves, pirate hideouts, coves and caves, and orcas, humpback whales, dolphins, sleeping reef sharks, dozing sea lions and inexperienced sea turtles.

See inland lagoons and dramatic rock towers with diving boobies, acrobatic frigates and seabirds.

4. All Coloration Seashores:
Galapagos sea lions (Zalophus californianus wollebacki) on the beach, Galapagos Islands

Be awestruck by the brilliantly hanging colours of the seashores, from talc-soft white sand or deep olive to inexperienced, black, yellow-orange and crimson. See Punta Espinoza’s and Fernandina Island’s natural seashores.

5. New Tradition:

Enchanting Travels Ecuador Tours View of the Las Penas neighborhood on Santa Ana Hill in Guayaquil,

En route, discover Santiago de Guayaquil – the capital metropolis and port of Ecuador. Go to the picturesque outdated colonial district ‘Las Peñas’, the one a part of town the place wood homes weren’t destroyed by hearth. See La Merced or San Francisco church buildings, the attractive cemetery beneath Cerro el Carmen, museums, Botanical Gardens and Parque Bolivia in entrance of the Cathedral – abounding with tame iguanas.

6. Expeditions:

Enchanting Travels South America Tours Ecuador Galapagos Athala Cruise exterior

Take yacht or catamaran cruises through wealthy island shores and reefs, capturing scintillating geography. Paddle sea kayaks previous Kicker Rock’s towering pyramid. Camp beside fiddler crabs sweeping the seaside! Animal Encounters like nowhere else – with out academics or textbooks…

7. Marine Iguanas:

Galapagos Naturreise: Iguana

Stand up-close to the world’s solely identified marine lizard. Darwin described this amphibian as ‘hideous wanting’, with smashed-in snouts, razor sharp enamel, closely lidded beady eyes and a spiny dorsal ridge above fats scaly bellies. Shifting effortlessly between land and sea, they don’t seem to be almost as fierce as they give the impression of being!

8. Commune with Large Tortoises:

These are the world’s largest endangered big tortoises – most emblematic of all Galapagos animals and there 11 species residing right here. Enchanting Travels South America Tours Galapagos Guest Image Dorothee Voigtländer September 2017


9. Marine World:

Snorkel with sea lions, hammerhead sharks, penguins, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and rays over coral reefs and submerged craters teeming with marine life.south-america-ecuador-galapagos

10. Blue-footed Boobies:

The poster baby for the Galapagos, these comical Blue-footed boobies are mesmerizing coastal seabirds, deriving their title from the Spanish ‘bobo’, which means clown. See them hop from one blue foot to a different in an ungainly stroll, kicking out one foot in a type of endearing dance, heads bobbing in unison.

Enchanting Travels South America Tours Galapagos Boobies

The Galapagos conjures up, frustrates, thrills and confounds ! Enchanting Travels will enable you hunt down an atmosphere that gives an antidote to frenzied city residing! In spite of everything, isn’t journey all a couple of quest to find locations that don’t feel and look like house?

Discover The Galapagos with customized South America tours.

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