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Laundry Cafe Homestay Kertih Murah Dan Selesa

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Laundry Cafe Homestay Kertih Murah Dan Selesa
Homestay ini sangat sesuai untuk semua!

Laundry Cafe Homestay Kertih Murah Dan Selesa Laundry Cafe Homestay Kertih Murah Dan Selesa


Muslim Apartment Cameron Highlands Murah Dan Selesa

Jika anda merancang untuk pergi bercuti... saya syorkan anda membuat tempahan hotel, resort atau homestay di Booking.com bagi percutian di Malaysia, Singapura atau di mana sahaja!

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Tempat Percutian Menarik Di Malaysia Paling Terbaik

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Inilah Homestay Murah Langkawi Yang Selesa Seperti Hotel 5 Star

Dilengkapi dengan ciri-ciri berikut:
2 bilik master (Aircond), 1 bilik medium
2 tandas lengkap
Astro Njoy
FREE Streamyx
Mini kitchen ada peti, microwave, heater

Lokasi: Bandar Baru Kertih (Atas Laundry Cafe)

2 minit dari McDonalds
5 minit dari stesen Minyak Petronas
10 minit dari Kompleks Industri Petronas
8 minit dari Mesra Mall
15 minit dari Highgway LPT2 (Tol Kerteh)
Lokasi premium dan dikelilingi oleh kedai makan, cafe dan restoran
Harga yang ditawarkan sangat berpatutan dan berbaloi-baloi?
Sebuah rumah (2 bilik master 1 bilik medium):RM250 satu malam boleh muat 6 ke 8 orang
Boleh laundry baju 24 jam
First come first serve
Homestay Murah Dan Selesa Jelapang Baru Untuk Percutian Keluarga

Homestay Ibu Bukit Gambang Waterpark Murah Dan Selesa

Laundry Cafe Homestay Kertih Murah Dan Selesa

Situated on Bandar Baru Kertih, Terengganu this homestay is outlined reasonable for business excursion and family get-away with their affection ones. Propelled by exemplary and contemporary present day plan, Singgah Kertih gloat it’s provincial, casual and agreeable environment with patterns and styles that are commonly offbeat in the blend of furnitures and installations.

PETRONAS East Coast Regional Office (ECRO), Kertih administers the oil stage operations off the state’s drift and in addition petrochemicals creation and raw petroleum refining in Paka is only a couple of minutes head out from Singgah Kertih.

Kertih Airport is around 10 minutes away, with non-stop flight from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SZB) in Subang.

To loosen up from the rushing about of city life, influence a visit to Ma’Daerah To turtle Sanctuary Center which is roughly 15 minutes away by street and find out about turtle preservation, turtle eggs gathered are kept and incubated, and how the hatchlings are securely sent to ocean, far from predators and poachers.

For shopaholics, clear a path to Mesra Mall, a cutting edge, must-visit shopping goal situated in Kemasik, with the main Cineplex in Terengganu, a 24-path rivalry standard knocking down some pins alley,squash courts, a futsal focus, and a contemporarily planned sustenance court.

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