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Why More Students Choose American Homestay Network

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Why More Students Choose American Homestay Network – Their worldwide homestay system has put more global students in top notch, protected and all around overs homestays than whatever other comparative program. They hosts are precisely chosen to guarantee that their students are put in situations that are sheltered and agreeable as well as warm and inviting.

American Homestay Network (AHN)Program Includes

Homestay administration and backing all through the whole homestay experience


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Broad national criminal historical verifications for hosts

Understudy bolster administrations including saving money, interpretationand transportation

Thorough internet preparing and introduction for hosts and understudies

Professionally staffed every minute of every day basic episode hotline

Computerized online installment administrations for understudies and has

Secure and Welcoming Hosts

AHN hosts offer more than spaces for rent; they offer an emotionally supportive network and legitimate enthusiasm for respecting an understudy to America. AHN is the primary norms based broadly centered homestay association in America.

They lead national criminal personal investigations, in-home meetings, and complete home examinations. They sophisticated student/host coordinating administration, day in and day out basic occurrence administration, managing an account and installment administrations, and airplane terminal transportation administrations make the AHN homestay experience the best in the country.

Extraordinary Homestays Near Your School

American Homestay Network (AHN) coordinates every student with a coordinating receiving family situated close to the student’s place of instruction.

The host will give the student a private room, a settled upon dinner arrange, and will help the student in taking in the nearby traditions and transportation frameworks, and also help the understudy get to be familiar with the American lifestyle.

Numerous student appreciate exercises with their neighborhood family and get to be long lasting companions.

Why More Students Choose American Homestay Network

Why More Students Choose American Homestay Network

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Value for Money

The American Homestay Network works in locales over the United States. Every locale has student estimating particular to the living expenses and administrations being made accessible in that area.

AHN Homestay offers the best value for money choice for the early phases of a worldwide understudy being invited, culturalized and suited as they plan for the beginning of their studies in the USA.

What Other Students Say

“Thank you very much for hosting me and Timothy. It is not long but we came to feel warmth and joy. You always look after us. The dog also gave me great pleasure …” Kate student from Brazil

“My host is so amazing … the best thing I’ve done is go ice skating, we ate with them at the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena and it was an amazing experience. I think my host is the best host in all the American Homestay Network.” Alen student from Mexico

“I loved my room, it had Internet and a TV. The bus stop was right outside and took me right to school.” Susan student from China

“I have experienced a lot of things and made a lot of beautiful memories – they made me feel like I have another family here …” Daisy student from Viatnam

8201 164th Ave NE
Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052






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