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Rayyan Homestay Cherating

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Rayyan Homestay Cherating

Single Storey (Teres Setingkat)
4 Bilik Tidur(2 bilik air cond)
3 Bilik Air


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Hari biasa: Rm 180/ sehari
Hari minggu/Cuti Sekolah/Cuti umum: RM 200/sehari

Check In : 2.30 pm
Check Out : 12.00 pm

Rayyan Homestay Cherating Lokasi:

* berhampiran Pantai Cherating
*berhadapan Holiday Villa, Hotel Legend
*berdekatan restoran ikan bakar D’Cherating
* berdekatan masjid,stesen minyak, sekolah
* berdekatan Pusat Santuari Penyu Cherating
* berdekatan kedai makan, kedai keropok, kedai runcit
* 15 minit ke kawasan perindustrian Gebeng
* 15 minit ke Kemaman
* 30 KM ke Kuantan


No 15, Tmn Armani Cherating Perdana, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur

Call/whatssap: 0199153779/0199504238

Rayyan Homestay Cherating

Rayyan Homestay Cherating

Rayyan Homestay Cherating

Tempat menarik:

Tempat Menarik Terbaik Negeri Pahang Seronok Sungguh Berada Di sini

What To Do In Cherating:

Cherating is a prominent shoreline resort zone in Pahang. It is situated around 30 km north of Kuantan on Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast.

Cherating town is a regular little apathetic East Coast angling town in spite of the fact that hiker tourism now is the real salary worker here. The town, which is recently off the primary East Coast trunk street amongst Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu is dabbed with guesthouses and little inns (called chalets here).

Asia’s initially Club Med is additionally situated here. The place is amazingly laid-back and the shoreline is decent and wide, despite the fact that not as lovely as the shorelines on the islands off the East Coast.

Surf Cherating shoreline, amid the rainstorm season (November and December) , is one of only a handful few shorelines in Peninsula Malaysia with waves adequate for surfing.

Batik painting classes is offered by some handiwork shops on the primary road.

Cherating River journey can likewise be orchestrated with your guesthouse.

Payung Guesthouse movement focus offers: angling trips, stream voyage (incorporates wind and monkey watching), waterway kayaking, fire-fly night stream trip, Snake Island snorkeling, surfing (occasional), and treks to Turtle Sanctuary. You can likewise request a full body rub for 60 RM.

Turtle Sanctuary

The asylum is arranged north of the town and can be come to by foot (30 min walk). Passage is free, however gifts are welcome. Intentional work is conceivable yet must be organized 2 weeks ahead of time in their office in Kuantan.

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