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Marina Homestay Cameron Highlands

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Marina Homestay Cameron Highlands, Formerly known as “Stay Hill Park” has been operating as a “chalet” in early 2001. Early as the 90s we started our services as “Homestay” and is among the first to introduce the concept of Cameron’s. Its location is within the Malay community village is very concerned about our eastern traditions.

We are very grateful to all of our guests over the years who have so much support, criticism and encouragement in building this business. We intend to repay all, to provide the best service our current and future ruling at the time. From time to time, we will also improve and increase the quality and quantity of our services.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


We say “Welcome”, “Happy Holidays”, “Safe Travel” and “Selamat Pulang” to all the visitors who come to the Cameron Highlands, our hometown .

Marina Homestay Cameron Highlands

Marina Homestay Cameron Highlands

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Keterangan Lanjut Hubungi En Shamzan di talian 016-9720699 @ 05-4911295

Tracking Jim Thompson Cameron Highlands

Over the fringe in Thailand, the name Jim Thompson is synonymous with silk – he established a domain in the fabric there.

In any case in the Cameron Highlands, its the 1967 vanishing of the American mogul that will live on in unsolved ignominy.

On Easter Sunday, March 26, Thompson was going by companions in the Highlands. In the wake of going to morning administrations at the close-by All Souls’ Church, they resigned to their “Moonlight” cabin.

At 1:30 p.m., Thompson left for a stroll on his own -– never to return – dispatching the biggest manhunt Malaysia has ever known. For a month, by most accounts 400 police, officers, native trackers, helicopters and even a psychic agent attempted to discover him.

Right up ’til the present time wild hypotheses flourish: Thompson was captured by Chinese socialist guerillas, consumed by a tiger, killed by the CIA, faked his own particular passing to begin another life or essentially simply became mixed up in the wilderness.

There are a couple of choices for voyagers looking to feel some of that Thompson secret vibe.

Guests can stay in a room in the genuine “Moonlight” house at the Jim Thompson Cottage.

Close by, the Cameron Highlands Resort has its own particular Jim Thompson Mystery Trail and hosts general “Homicide Mystery in the Misty Mountains” whodunnit occasions, in which visitors are urged to spruce up in 1960s apparel as they attempt to evaluate who executed Jim Thompson.

In the interim, the Cameron Highlands’ Strawberry Park Resort has its remarkable Jim Thompson Terrace. On the menu? The Jim Thompson Burger, characteristica

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