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Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit

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Kelantan interesting places to visit

This time we wanted to share some interesting places in Kelantan to visit. For those who want to vacation in the country called Serambi Mekah, this list will help you plan your vacation more effectively. To make it easier, every tourist destination is organized by Colony,. So you only have to choose and specify which destination you want to visit.


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Introduction Kelantan Interesting Places

Kelantan is one of the states located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Bordering Thailand on the north-west side, several shopping venues have existed and filled with goods from neighboring countries. Goods such as toto, pots and others are available at a fairly low price. The state famous for its natural tourism site has many attractions such as beautiful waterfalls, climbing hills as well as rich Forest Reserve with various flora and fauna. In addition, the state also has several attractive coastal areas and is ideal for a family holiday location. Here’s a list of interesting places in Kelantan to visit.

Note: To view other tourist locations, please visit the Places of Interest page for a holiday in Kelantan.
Kelantan Interesting Places

The most popular place in Kelantan is Kota Bharu. Many tourist attractions are in the city. Several museums, historical heritage and shopping can be visited. In addition, lodging facilities such as cheap hotels and tasty food are also the main factors that attract tourists here. Here are some locations to visit:

Kota Sultan Ismail Petra most Kelantan interesting places to visit

Sultan Ismail Petra is located in the heart of Kota Bharu. It is the most crowded location for many people as many touristic centers can be visited. The places of interest are:

1. Rehabilitation Tower
2. Handicraft Museum
3. The Great Hall Museum
4. Istana Jahar
5. Banker Group – War Museum.
6. Padang Merdeka

Kelantan interesting places to visit – Siti Khadijah Market

Kelantan interesting places to visit Siti Khadijah Market

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The market is quite popular and is a tourist attraction on holiday in Kelantan. It is a local merchandise complex such as food, clothing, batik cloth, scarves and more. For tourists visiting Kota Bharu, it is a must visit destination.

For more information, please visit the Siti Khadijah Market page.

Some other interesting sites for shopping are also in the city such as Tok Guru Bazaar, Wakaf Che Yeh and KB Plaza which sell local items. In addition, interesting places around the Kota Bharu Colony are also numerous. Among the interesting and must be visited are:

1. Pantai Cahaya Bulan – Popular beaches in Kota Bharu. If you want to take a stroll, relax and have an afternoon tea while enjoying the sea view, it is the closest location to the city center. However, this beach is not suitable for swimming.

2. Splash Water Park Kota Bharu – Located at Indera Petra Park, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. It is a very popular water park for those who love to have fun with their families. He is also the only water theme park in the state.

Kelantan interesting places to visit

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3. Tengku Anis Municipal Park – Also known as Taman Tengku Anis is a charming place to relax and illustrate. The garden is decorated in beautiful landscapes. The clean and calming area makes it a popular location for relaxing with family.

In addition to the above mentioned tourism centers, the Kelantan State Museum, the Royal Palace of the Royal Museum, the Royal Tower of Towers, Kraftangan Village and several other places of interest can be visited on a holiday in Kota Bharu.

For more information, please visit the Interesting Places page in Kota Bharu Kelantan.
Places of interest in Pasir Mas

If you are looking for a vacation in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, some interesting places can be visited.
Beijing Long Mosque

If you are in Rantau Panjang, do not forget to stop at the Rantau Panjang Mosque or the actual name of Sultan Ismail Perak Jubilee Mosque. As the name suggests, it is a mosque that has unique designs and is very impressive.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Geting Beach

Another beautiful beach in Kelantan is Geting Beach located beside Sri Tujuh Beach. The beach is also a great choice for locals and tourists to unwind to enjoy the magnificent sea view. It is a place of recreation and picnics over weekends and school holidays. The wide sandy beach area is perfect for bathing. Even many are playing kites, beach volleyball and more. For those looking for a holiday, there are resorts and homestay near the beach which can be used as accommodation.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Tengku Anis Gallery

The Tengku Anis Gallery was built in 2002 and officially opened in 2004. It gathers information related to fishermen, fisheries and estuaries. For architectural enthusiasts, this very beautiful gallery design is sure to impress you. Proceeding Tengku Anis Gallery is a vast and attractive recreational area. It has always been the focus of the crowd during the afternoon and the weekend. Many come to work, picnics, fishing or relaxing in these dimmed and reconciled areas.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Lake Kwong

Lake Kwong is a beautiful lake located at Bukit Kwong, about 20 KM from Rantau Panjang town, Tanah Merah. Various tourist activities are provided to visitors including jetski, kayaking and fishing. Many come here to relax or picnic with the family.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Rantau Panjang Tax Free Zone

One of Kelantan’s main shopping venues is Rantau Panjang Tax Duty Free Zone located at the Malaysia-Thailand border. What is interesting? Of course the price is cheaper than any other place. Among the items often bought here are toto, shirt and tableware.

Pasir Mas Muleh Waterfront

Muleh Water Square is an attractive recreational area located at Sungai Kelantan. This 1-acre estate is developed with landscapes, monuments and flower gardens decorating the plains. Facilities are also available such as restaurant, public toilets, children’s playground and waqf to relax in view of the river view.

Tok Uban Lake

Another interesting place in Pasir Mas is Lake To ‘Uban Lake. It is located in Kampung To ‘Uban which is about 20 KM from Pasir Mas town. The lake offers beautiful and pleasant views to visitors.

The green forest trees surrounding this area are quite soothing and are ideal for picnicking or camping locations. Fishing activities can also be done on lakes that have several species of fish including telapia, creeks, baung and lampam.

Another attraction is the Brunei Mosque or the beautiful Lake Tok Uban Mosque located on the lake side.

Places of Interest in Tumpat

Tumpat is another area that has some popular places in Kelantan. It is located on the beachfront overlooking the South China Sea. The district is also bordered by neighboring Thailand.

Sri Tujuh Beach

One of the attractions in Tumpat is the Sri Tujuh Beach. It is one of the most famous beaches in Kelantan. The beach is very beautiful and even more beautiful than Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kota Bharu. It is often the focus of the crowd to picnic with the family or to relax with friends. Here are also several resorts available for travelers who want to go on the beach. Activities that can be done here are sea baths, kites, visiting the Wau Museum and visiting the fishing village.

Places of Interest in Bachok

Many of Bachok’s attractions are located by the beach. Visitors who come here can visit some interesting beaches, traditional fishing villages and enjoy fresh seafood.
Irama Beach

The most famous places of interest in Bachok are Irama Beach. It is one of the oldest beaches in Kelantan. Even this beach was once listed as one of the prettiest beaches on the East Coast. However, severe beach erosion has occurred and has a very significant effect. However, it is still a crowded choice for picnics, sea baths, relaxing and sightseeing every weekend and public holidays. A long, clean sandy beach with a row of coconut trees waving in the sea breeze to create beautiful scenery that is quite delightful.

Shima Homestay Kota Bharu Kelantan – Kandis Resources Center

Another interesting place to visit in Bachok is the Kandis Resource Center. It is located in Kandis Village, about 13 KM from the city center. This resource center stores a variety of local artistic treasures as well as Pattani, Thailand such as rehal, pulpit, wall hangings and others.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Pengkalan Petah Beach

Pengkalan Petah Beach is located in Perupok district, Bachok. It is famous for the main fish landing jetty for this Colony. Additionally, visitors can also see interesting beach views and colorful fishing boats. If you want to taste fresh seafood, stop at Pengkalan Petah Beach.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Kuala Kemayang

Kuala Kemayang is located in Kemasin district. Here there is a beautiful beach area known as Kemayang Beach. It has become one of Bachok’s tourist attractions because of the stunning view that can be seen. In addition, this place is also famous for stalls selling various seafood-based foods such as crackers and hot dishes. Other activities that can be done here are fishing. A must-try dining place is the Maggi Tiram Restaurant which is quite famous for its maggi oysters.

Shima Homestay Kota Bharu Kelantan – Wau Museum

Other places of interest in Tumpat are the Wau Kelantan Museum. Around the 80’s, wau games are often held at Sri Tujuh Beach, Tumpat every year. However, this international competition is getting less and the organization is getting smaller. At Wau Kelantan Museum, visitors can see the various types of wau including wau bulan, Wau Kekek, Wau Puyuh, Wau Kucing, Wau Jala Budi and many more.

Pengkalan Kubor Free Taxation Zone

Places of interest for shopping in Kelantan are in Pengkalan Kubor. It is another tax-free zone in Kelantan which is located on the Malaysia-Thailand border. If you come to Tumpat you can stop here to buy cheap toto, shirts, jerseys and dishes.

Places of Interest in Pasir Puteh

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit


Kelantan’s Pasir Puteh is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and attractive coastal areas. This territory is bordered by Terengganu state. Its east side is the beach, while its west is the hills. If you come here, some places of interest can be visited such as:

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Jeram Pasu Waterfall

Jeram Pasu waterfall is very popular as a bath and picnic area. It is located in Kampung Padang Pak Amat, Pasir Puteh. Although there are not many waterfalls, he still receives a crowded visit especially during the holiday season. The slides built are also very fun. Jeram Pasu is suitable for those who want to bring kids waterfall baths.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Jeram Renting, Selinsing

Rafting or Jeram Mak Nenek is located in Selinsing, Pasir Puteh. It is increasingly popular and has a lot of people welcome to come to picnics, waterfalls and touring here. Public facilities are also available such as surau, toilets, huts, chalets, campsites and dining outlets. Among the activities that can be done include camping, hiking and cross-forest.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Tok Bali Beach

Tok Bali Beach is a popular spot in Kelantan. It is a beautiful beach and has some interesting resorts for holiday. Among the popular resorts among tourists are Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort, Sudara Beach Resort, Dee Wana Resort and Villa Danialla Beach Resort. In addition to beaches and seaside excursions, other activities that can be done are fishing, visiting places of interest around the area such as ship replicas, curved bridges and dining with fresh fish and other seafood. Tok Bali Beach is the most popular option for beach holiday in Kelantan at this time.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Bayu Whispering Beach

Pantai Bisikan Bayu is another attractive beach in Pasir Puteh. It is located in Kampung Pantai Dalam Rhu, Cherang Ruku. Along this beach there is a row of fir trees that are always lulled by sea breeze. The resulting sound is said to be whisper and from here it is said that the name Whisper Bayu was born. Like other beaches, visitors can take a stroll around the beach, relax enjoying sea views or picnics enjoying a meal under a fir tree whilst harnessing the sea breeze that will surely provide its own enjoyment.

For more information, please visit the Whale Bay Beach page.

Places of interest in Machang

Places of interest in Machang

Jeram Linang

Points of interest in Machang can be visited is the location of nature tourism. There is a waterfall, a jungle and a hot spring pool that definitely gives visitors pleasure.

Jeram Linang waterfall

Jeram Linang Recreational Forest is an attractive nature retreat in Kelantan. It is a waterfall area that has been developed with large swimming pools and is suitable for adults and children. The atmosphere of the jungle that is dimmed and the air is comfortable to reconcile your heart. Cool waterfalls are quite refreshing.

Interesting activities that can be done here are waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfall baths. It is not satisfied with the bath and the clear and cool water. If you want to do other activities, you can:

* Crossing the forest.
* Climb to the top of the waterfall.
* Visit the mini zoo.

Surely your holiday will not be perfect if you are not picnic and bbq at night. There are also dining outlets for diners, children’s playgrounds, toilets and dressing rooms, waqfs, open and indoor halls, chalets and campsites.
Bukit Bauar Recreational Forest

This popular recreation area is quite attractive and is often a crowded holiday season. It is a fascinating location for picnics, waterfalls and relaxing enjoying the peaceful forest charm. Quiet and tranquil atmosphere is perfect for those who want to relax soothing.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Labok Hot Spring

Labok Hotsprings or also known as Tok Bok Hot Springs is a recreational center that can be visited if holidaying in Kelantan. It is located in Kampung Rengas, Labok in Machang Colony. This hot spring is suitable for soaking the feet or watering the body to release fatigue. Some even say it’s appropriate for treating skin diseases. Basic amenities such as toilets, dressing rooms, rest stops, slides for children, food stalls and recreational areas are also available.

Places of interest in Jeli

Jeli Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit


Jeli is located in the western part of Kelantan. The most famous spot in Jeli is Lake Pergau.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Lake Pergau

Lake Pergau is one of the most interesting places in Kelantan which is often a holiday destination, especially nature lovers. The beauty of this lake surrounded by greenery is ideal for those who want to get out of the bustle of the city. The peaceful atmosphere allows guests to relax calmly.

This 460-hectare lake is rich in various species of fish including lampam, telapia and toman. Visitors can fill their holiday with fishing activities. In addition, cross-jungle activities can also be done to see the beauty of many flora and fauna here.

Places of interest in Tanah Merah

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit

putera valley resort

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Tanah Merah is a relatively well known tourist destination. Some places of interest in Kelantan can be visited if you are visiting this area.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Bukit Bunga shopping center

Anyone who passes the East-West Main Highway from Perak to Kelantan must have stopped at Bukit Bunga shopping center. The area bordering Thailand is a row of stalls selling various items from neighboring countries as well as local products at low prices. Most visitors stop shopping, dining or rest and take care because there are public toilet, mosque, waqf and car park facilities.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Lata Hujan

Lata Hujan is located within the Lata Merah Recreation Park in Tanah Merah. It is a popular tourist location among locals and overseas travelers. This waterfall area has been developed with the construction of various public amenities such as toilets, waqfs, chalets, food stalls, campsites and parking lots. The uniqueness of the Rainfall Waterfall is definitely attracting visitors. View of waterfalls with big stones, clear water, cool and refreshing make visitors do not want to go home.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Homestay Blok Ulu Kusial

If you want to explore the local people’s livelihood in Tanah Merah, Homestay Blok Ulu Kusial is an interesting place to choose for a holiday. Travelers will stay with a friendly host. Various community activities can be followed such as rubber tapping, down to paddy fields, fishing, visiting fruit orchards and more. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to take a closer look at Kelantanese cultural performances such as western dance performances, silat and traditional music. The homestay is also popular as it is near the Ulu Kursial Forest Reserve where there is a very attractive Rainfall Waterfall.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Guillemard Bridge

Guillemard Bridge is the longest rail bridge in Malaysia. It was built in 1920 in Kursial, Tanah Merah and opened for traffic in 1924. The construction of this bridge by the UK was aimed at facilitating the transportation of farm produce to be sent to the port. It was destroyed during the second world war by the British to curb the advance of the Japanese army. However it was restored and reopened for traffic in 1948.

Places of Interest in Kuala Krai

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Kuala Krai is located within Gua Musang Colony. Some places of interest in Kelantan can be visited if you are visiting this area. Famous as an amazing nature holiday destination, it is a must-visit destination for those looking for tranquility.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Jelawang Waterfall

Jelawang Waterfall is among the highest waterfall in Southeast Asia. It is located on Mount Stong, Dabong, Kuala Krai. This beautiful waterfall can be clearly seen by anyone passing through this area. Usually, anyone who wants to go on a vacation here is also doing mountain climbing and exploring the very interesting limestone caves.

Stong Mountain State Park

For nature lovers, Gunung Stong State Park is an interesting place in Kelantan which must be visited. It is one of the best nature tourism destinations in Malaysia. Among the attractions here are Mount Stong and Mount Ayam which are often the choice of climbers.

In addition there are several interesting waterfalls that you can visit such as the Jelawang Waterfalls, Ponds Waterfalls, Seven Lakes and the Two Mountains. Visitors can also perform other interesting activities such as expedition exploring caves, crossing forests and enjoying the sunrise and sunset views from the top of the mountain.

For more information, see the Gunung Stong Kelantan Recreational Forest article.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Fish Cave

Cave Fish is one of the interesting places to visit if you are on holiday in Kelantan. It is not far from Dabong Town. This cave is a famous natural attraction in Kuala Krai. Additionally, the expedition to the Fish Cave also allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna, clear river bathing in the cave, picnic and see the uniqueness of stalactites and stalagmites.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Lata Kertas

Lata Kertas is located between Dabong road to Gua Musang. It is a beautiful waterfall area and is very popular as a picnic location. For those of you who like a waterfall shower, this clear, cool and refreshing water is sure to be enjoyable. Facilities provided here include wakaf, pedestrian walkway, public toilets, surau and even shops.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Lata Rek

Lata Rek is about 27KM from Kuala Krai town. It is another interesting spot in Kuala Krai that you can visit. If you want to bring kids waterfall baths, this tin is the best location because of its shallow water and is especially suitable for children. The water is clean and very refreshing. Basic amenities are also available for those who want to picnic here.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Lata Beringin

Lata Beringin is a very interesting waterfall located on the Pas River, Kuala Krai. The height of the waterfall is almost 120 meters with greenery of natural forest trees providing a magnificent view. However, this waterfall is located far far inland.

Places of interest in Gua Musang

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit


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Gua Musang is famous for its nature tourism where major attractions are here National Parks, mountains and limestone caves. The town is also beautiful and clean. Anyone who first visits Gua Musang will be fascinated by the beautiful view of the limestone hills.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Honey Cave (Gua Madu)

Honey Cave is one of the most interesting caves that can be visited if you are on vacation in Gua Musang. It is located in Kampung Batu Papan, which is about 4 KM from the city center. The cave is unique because there are water sources and surau built in the caves for prayer visitors. Previously, this cave was once the place where bees made nests. From there it is known as the Honey Cave.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Kuala Koh National Park

Kuala Koh National Park is one of Kelantan’s most interesting places to be visited by nature travelers. This area has been gazetted as a National Park covering the boundaries of three states namely Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. The Bukit Hantu Forest Reserve and the Lebir Forest Reserve located within the National Park are rich in flora and fauna species and tropical rainforest ecosystems over 130 million years old.

Among the interesting activities that can be done is to observe over 300 species of birds, fishing, jungle trekking, rafting, canopy walkways and camping. The chalets, dormitories, restaurants, campsites, boat services and others are provided by the Kuala Koh National Park.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Nenggiri River

The Nenggiri River is the main network of river drainage systems in Gua Musang. It is famous for being one of the major tourist attractions in Kelantan especially for fans of kayaking and rafting activities.

The river has over 40 challenging rapids and is quite exciting. The Nenggiri Challenge, which is an annual event organized by KESEDAR with the cooperation of the Kelantan Tourism Action Council and the Youth Council, has received remarkable response from both local and foreign participants.

In addition, the Nenggiri River is also the main communication system for indigenous villages in the interior of the Gua Musang Colony. Visitors can take a package of tours along this river visiting indigenous villages, visiting caves, fishing and others.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Ethnobotanical Park

Etnobotani Park is an interesting place to stay if you are on holiday in Gua Musang Kelantan. It is a forest and recreation research center located near the city center.

In addition to offering a variety of scientific information on herbs and forest produce, Etnobotani Park also provides exciting activities such as rock climbing, hill climbing, camping, canopy walks and enjoying the cave beauty to visitors.

The garden covers an area of ​​35 hectares. Among the parks are herbs, chalets, mini parks and herbs. For tours and activities, pre-booking must be made through KESEDAR.

Kelantan Interesting Places To Visit – Ketitir Lake

If you are on vacation in Gua Musang do not forget to go to Lake Ketitir recreational area. It is a beautiful lake and quite soothing. Formerly the lake is a mine and has been developed into a tourist center in the middle of Gua Musang town. This place is now the focus of the crowds that come to relax, enjoy and enjoy the enchanting scenery.

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Note: For visitors who want to visit Kelantan, you are advised to wear polite and unobtrusive clothing. This is because the majority of the population is Muslim and criticizes religious teachings. Take care of your use so as not to offend the local community, especially if you are in rural areas.

So far, the list of interesting places in Kelantan is to visit that we could share. It is hoped that the location information shared by the Colonies will make it easier for you to organize the destination you want to visit and save time.

If this article is useful to you, do not forget to share it on fb, twitter or g+ pages as a token of appreciation. If there is a shortage, please leave a comment for us to fix. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you and be happy for the holidays.

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