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Izzara Homestay Seremban

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Izzara Homestay Seremban

Izzara Homestay terletak di 1220,Persiaran Cengal 1,Taman Ampangan fasa 3,Seremban.Mempunyai 4 bilik tidur dan 2 bilik mandi.Fully furnished,Penghawa Dingin,dan Astro njoi.Hubungi 0196722882/01114351352/0187912446 untuk tempahan.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Kediaman berdekatan dengan Highway LEKAS,Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Paroi,Stadium Tuanku Abd Rahman Paroi,Pusat Dakwah dan Islamiah Paroi dan kedai makan.Kediaman di laluan utama dan menpunyai ruang parkir yang luas.Sewaan sehari hanya RM250.Diskaun diberi jika menginap lebih dari sehari..

izzara-homestay-1 Izzara Homestay Seremban Izzara Homestay Seremban Izzara Homestay Seremban Izzara Homestay Seremban Izzara Homestay Seremban

Seremban Attractions – Tempat Menarik Seremban

Negeri Sembilan is situated on the west drift peninsular, right south to Kuala Lumpur. It has an aggregate of 7 regions in spite of its name actually signifies ‘9 areas’ in nearby dialect. It has numerous mainstream destinations, one of it being the principal ostrich ranch in Malaysia, Jelita Ostrich Farm.

Lovely Ostrich Show Farm

Seremban Attractions - Tempat Menarik Seremban

Lovely Ostrich Show Farm is a great place located in Jalan Jelebu, Seremban, not far from the city center. What is interesting here is in addition to breeding ostriches, various activities involving ostriches available to visitors.

Visitors have the opportunity to do various activities such as playing with ostriches, feed, ride ostriches and many more. If you visit Seremban with the family, take them to visit the ostrich farm. It certainly gives new experiences and memories.

Tel: 06-767 0707, 06-763 2214
Fax: 06-767 3445
Email: jelitaostrichshowfarm@yahoo.com

Recreational Forest Ulu Bendul

Izzara Homestay Seremban


You can enjoy the beauty of the forest and a waterfall in Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest sill, which is located in Tanjong Ipoh, not far from Seremban. The journey by car takes about 30 minutes from the city center.

This recreational park location in Angsi Forest on the main route Seremban to Kuala Pilah. Visitors can relax, picnic, bathing in waterfalls, jungle trekking or climbing Mount Angsi located in the forest. There is a pool and water slides for children, restaurants, bathrooms, toilets and a spacious parking area.

Tempat Menarik Jeram Toi

Izzara Homestay Seremban


Jeram Toi waterfalls are situated in the middle of Seremban and Kuala Kelawang, roughly 40 mins from Seremban. It was found by the British in 1895 and from that point forward it has been a well known destination for neighborhood families.

It’s an impeccable spot to avoid the hot sunny day as the water from the waterfalls is so reviving. In the event that you might want for a back rub, stand directly underneath the fall and let the water hit our tiredness away. Encompassing the falls are green rich trees with fundamental need accessible like open latrine, grill pits and strolling ways.

Another must see fascination in Negeri Seremban is the Port Dickson Beach, its the spot for water sports, adored by children and grown-ups. It’s prudent to pull a night in one of the Port Dickson lodgings when going to Negeri Seremban.

The lovely sun set is justified regardless of the outing. Lukut is a residential community found only 7km off Seremban and it’s a spot to get great neighborhood sustenance and some different attractions. Negeri Seremban Craft Complex is a perfect spot to get trinkets as it gives great determination of neighborhood painstaking work.


Driving from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore is simple. Simply take after the north south expressway, exist at Seremban and take after the Seremban-Kuala Kelawang street. The falls are only 40 mins off Seremban.

Something else, there are a lot of express transports originating from both KL and Singapore to Seremban.

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