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Homestay Rumah Tamu Seberang Temerloh

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Homestay Rumah Tamu Seberang Temerloh menyediakan perkhidmatan menyewa homestay kepada muslim sahaja.

– 3 bilik yang mempunyai aircond
– 2 bilik air (Dapur/masteroom)
– Ruang tamu selesa, bersih, kemas
– Bilik yang selesa (kelengkapan baru)
– Ruang parking mudah/selamat
– Tv (Njoy)
– Dapur (peti sajuk)


Isi borang di bawah!


Homestay Rumah Tamu Seberang Temerloh

Homestay Rumah Tamu Seberang Temerloh

Homestay Rumah Tamu Seberang Temerloh


Kedudukan homestay yang cukup strategik iaitu:-

– berhadapan dengan surau
– berhadapan dengan taman permainan
– berdekatan dengan Petronas
– berdekatan dengan HOSHAS (sesuai kepada pelawat yang ingin menziarahi saudara mara yang sakit)
– berdekatan dengan bandar Temerloh
– berdekatan dengan banyak kedai makan (tomyam masakan panas, nasi kukus, nasi berlauk, sarapan pagi )
– berdekatan dengan exit tol temerloh, chenor

Dijamin puas hati.

Contact Details
Tel No : 0199333177
H/P No : 0199333177
Address :
No 34 Taman Seberang Temerloh
28000, Temerloh Pahang

Temerloh is a town in Central Pahang, Malaysia in Temerloh locale. Situated around 130 kilometers (81 mi) from Kuala Lumpur along the Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur trunk road2, Temerloh is the second biggest town in Pahang after Kuantan. It is arranged at the intersection of the Pahang River and the Semantan River. The region comprises of two zones, the 1,442-square-kilometer (557 sq mi) Municipal Council Area (64.08%) and the 808-square-kilometer (312 sq mi) external Municipal Council Area (35.92%). Today, “Temerloh” as a rule alludes to the region under the organization of Temerloh Municipal Council or Majlis Perbandaran Temerloh, which incorporates the littler towns adjoining the city, for example, Mentakab, Lanchang, Kuala Krau and Kerdau. Temerloh area is flanked by Maran region on the east, Bentong on the west, Jerantut on the north, and Bera on the south.

An old town with some frontier structures and shop houses, the town has flourished as of late as a transportation center point and new mechanical focus. There have been numerous new plug and mechanical center point fabricated in Temerloh as of late. Slicing travel time down the middle, the recently finished East Coast Expressway connects the town to Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan and adds to the development of Temerloh.

Temerloh has been rebranded as “Bandar Ikan Patin“, which actually signifies “Patin Fish Town”. Patin ( Pangasius sp.), a kind of freshwater catfish is a nearby delicacy exceptionally looked for after in the nation. Patin fish is popular for its delicious taste and can be viewed as one of the best freshwater fish in Malaysia and world.

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