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Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

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Homestay in Kundasang for a comfortable vacation – Feeling limp in a moving life is too fast to pursue an endless materialistic desire? Try to pause, breathe and relax. Imagine a world without pressure, surrounded by the freshness of nature, this is where your soul will get the real happiness.

Nevertheless, imagination is not the solution, making this tranquility a reality by designing a holiday in the charming original beauty. Where is it? One of them is in a small town in Sabah, Kundasang.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Here, you can enjoy lodging between mountains in cold temperatures, surrounded by fresh fruit trees and colorful flowers. Cool holiday in Kundasang is the sought-after therapy.

Its tremendous power of quiet and tranquility makes Kundasang famous enough among the townspeople looking for tranquility. Here we have listed 25 homestays in Kundasang to be your accommodation when you travel there. We have divided this accommodation into two divisions namely Kundasang and Ranau because both are not far from each other – just a 20-minute drive.

We have listed a suitable homestay for en masse to those who offer extraordinary comfort, keep reading to find your choice.

Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

Azrien Homestay Kundasang

Azrien Homestay Kundasang

The gray wooden homestay, Azrien Homestay Kundasang is very comfortable. A soft homestay color with a green background of greenery, from the outside, again felt the aura of peace.

The Homestay offers 3 bedrooms all with a double bed for the comfort of 6 guests. The living room is also complete with satellite TV as an entertainment in the lounge. Wifi facilities are also available for those of you who do not want to miss out on trending stories on Twitter.

You can also use the well-equipped facilities in the kitchen area to cook hot dishes. This hot meal tastes better when it comes to a balcony offering a spectacular view of the eye.

Did not feel like cooking? Shops and restaurants are easily found within a 5-minute ride or 1 km from the lodge.

Price: From RM350 + Overnight

Address: 762 Kampung Sinisian Kundasang, 89308 Ranau

Phone: 019-360 4517

Nabalu Kundasang

Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

Presenting views of Mount Kinabalu, the valley and the Kundasang Town, Nabalu Kundasang is the perfect accommodation for you who want a real tranquility.

The excitement of staying here is added with the delights of the food served in this inn’s own restaurant, people say, “Stomach satisfied, happy,” not to mention that the food is delicious to lick the finger? Do not forget to feel the cheesecake!

It’s location? Located in central Kundasang Town and next to the bus station. Nearby attractions are Dairy Farm Village.

Price: From RM184 + Overnight

Address: Kundasang Town, 89300 Ranau

Phone: 088-889 789

Amazing Grace Lodge

Amazing Grace Lodge

homestay kundasang

Want to wake up with the perfect view of the painting?, stay at the Amazing Grace Lodge.

This beautiful property is complete with a bbq pit, and the perfect kitchen with all the cooking facilities. After cooking, the delicacies can be enjoyed in the open-air dining room as you breathe in the fresh air and see breathtaking views.

Its location is less than 10 km from Cattle Farm Village. The diner, KFC and Princess Nabalu Cafe are only 500 meters from the lodge. For those of you who are planning to cook yourself here and want to buy raw materials, Mini Market 88 and the market are also less than 1 km away.

Booking Hotel Here

Price: From RM160 + Overnight

Address: Kampung Sinisian, Kundasang, 89308 Ranau

Phone: 010-931 5123

B-Inspired Abode Mountain Cute Homestay In Kundasang

 homestay in kundasang

cute homestay in cundasang

homestay in kundasang cabine

Want to stay in a cute home? This baby pink colored Homestay is only 12 km from Mount Kinabalu.

B-Inspired Abode Mountain Home offers spacious accommodation with 3 bedrooms and a lounge chair with a sofa for the comfort of the bed for 6 guests.

The Homestay also has a fully-equipped kitchen area with all the essential cooking facilities. What else? Freshly bought vegetables can be cooked to taste with your own hand in this fully equipped kitchen.

Finished cooking, you can enjoy the hot food while gazing at the spectacular view from the windows and balconies of the homestay.

Price: From RM320 + Overnight

Address: Jalan Sinisian Kundasang, 89308 Ranau

Phone: +60128223605

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Kinabalu Valley Homestay 

Kinabalu Valley Homestay in kundasang

Kinabalu Valley Homestay

Do you want to eat fried chicken every day? What you are saying is that you are staying at Kinabalu Valley Homestay, as this homestay is only 1 km from KFC. Before climbing Mount Kinabalu or feeding around Kundasang, do not forget to stop by then?

In addition to KFC, other halal food outlets are located not far from the homestay. As regards the attractions, Strawberry Farm is just 500 meters from the homestay.

A strategic location is not it? The homestay itself is quite comfortable and fully equipped. With prices ranging from RM40, you will get a well-equipped accommodation with water heater, satellite TV channels, ironing facilities and more. For those of you who plan to stay for a long time, laundry facilities are just around the corner.

In short, strategic, complete and comfortable enough because the level of cleanliness is also satisfactory. Everything can be enjoyed at a price below RM50, isn’t it?

Price: From $ 40 + Overnight

Address: Kampung Kinasaraban, Kundasang, 89308 Ranau sabah Malaysia, 89308 Ranau

Phone: +6011-2357 8192

Skyville Zen Resort Kundasang

Homestay In Kundasang

Homestay In Kundasang

Homestay In Kundasang

Just listen to the word ‘zen’, you do not have to worry about the atmospheric comfort it offers. If you want to know, this ‘zen’ comes from the Japanese language meaning ‘meditation at the highest level.’ Do you dream about this peace of mind? Stay at Skyville Zen Resort, Kundasang.

Surrounded by refreshing nature’s tranquility in the cool atmosphere of Skyville Zen Resort, Kundasang, staying here can bring your family united with nature.

This scenic landscape is further enhanced by a very satisfying resort’s cleanliness. Real tranquility can be felt here.

Once satisfied with its beauty, you can fill the hunger with your own cooking in the provided kitchen space or with your family. For your knowledge, around the lodge, there are many cottages each available with bbq facilities.

Price: From RM149 + Overnight

Address: Jalan Kinasaraban, Kundasang, Ranau, 89308 Kampong Kundassan

Phone: +6014-329 8895

Ceaser’s Place The Best Homestay In Kundasang

Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation
Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

Refresh your mind by enjoying the beautiful scenery of Malaysia’s tallest mountain in Ceaser’s Place. From this bedded room you can see everything unfold in front of the eyes.

It is not only in a strategic location for an immersive view, but the comforts of the rooms here also bring satisfaction with the pillow cushions and the tip-top cleanliness.

For your knowledge, Ceaser’s Place is less than 10 km from Mount Kinabalu.

Price: From RM80 + Overnight

Booking Hotel Online Here

Address: Kundasang, Ranau Sabah, Malaysia

Phone: 088-888 483

Homestay In Kundasang – Oppa 28 

Homestay In Kundasang Oppa 28

Exposing the container to its exterior, entering the space of the Oppa 28’s inn feels like a normal hotel. Container house? Not hot too? If you’re in Kundasang, the heat will not touch the skin.

Do not forget to bring more jackets to be more comfortable with coolness especially at night. When opening your eyes from sleep, you can see the foggy views of the lodge, just like New Zealand.

Homestay In Kundasang Oppa 28 

If staying here, you can also plan to make steamboat by yourself as all equipment has been provided. In addition to cooking yourself, you can also choose a variety of different dishes prepared at the food court just next to the hotel.

Its location, Oppa 28 is located about 6 to 7 km from Kundasang town and is close to the main road to Mount Kinabalu National Park which is just 400 meters from the lodge. Wow, stay on the background of Kinabalu? Like in dreams anyway.

Booking Hotel Online Here

Price: From RM140 + Overnight

Address: Miles 38 Bundu Tuhan Bundu Tuhan, 89300 Ranau
AH150, 89300 Ranau, Sabah

Phone: 088-889 928

Homestay In Kundasang – Mile 36 Lodge

Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

Located on the outskirts of Mount Kinabalu National Park, Mile 36 Lodge is a cozy accommodation located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. At this altitude, wherever you go on the lodge, your eyes will be presented with the beauty of the landscape that captures quite a painting.

Homestay In Kundasang For A Comfortable Vacation

Mile 36 Lodge offers a variety of accommodation with different concepts of traditional, contemporary and European. Among the accommodations are Easy Valley (English Cottage style), Chin’s Bungalow (village style), Begonia (contemporary), Old Long House (traditional local) and more.

But if you want to do a lot of activities with your family like bbq and something else happening, Chin’s Bungalow is one of the best choices as there are special and covered rooms available.

Among the facilities provided are wifi facilities in public areas, cozy rooms with balcony space to enjoy views of the surrounding area.

Booking Hotel Here

Price: From RM70 + Overnight

Address: Kg Kalanggaan, Mile 36, Kundasang, 89300 Kampong Kundassan
Kundasang, 89300 Ranau, Sabah
Phone: +6088-888 161
Whatapps: +6019-8861738, email:  mile36lodge@gmail.com


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