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Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan

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Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan

Berada di bandar machang kelantan lokasi strategik easy access kedai makan farmasi

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan Facilities


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Terdapat 3 bilik setiap bilik mempunyai aircond
3 tandas
ada dapur dan peti ais
ada astro
sesuai untuk seisi keluarga
150 pernight
sila hubungi Haji Man 0196191861

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan Foto

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan


Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan Attraction

Tourism Attraction

Bukit Bakar

Bukit Bakar Recreational Forest in Machang initially opened in 1975. It covers somewhere in the range of 3.14 hectares, inside of the Ulu Sat Forest Reserve. This Recreational Forest is an impeccable getaway, particularly for families. You will discover a youngsters’ play area here, and in addition rest regions and hovels, a showering lake, a hanging extension, and restrooms, to make your energy about the streaming cool waters, widely varied vegetation, and extreme woodland greenery considerably more agreeable. It’s likewise free passage to visitors between 7am to 7pm. For campers, you should get consent from the Recreational Forest powers, in the interest of the Kelantan State Forestry Director.

Jeram Linang Waterfall

Jeram Linang Waterfall, Machang was one of the first to be created by the state. Situated in the Ulu Sat Forest Reserve, its cool waters are dependably completely clear regardless of the area’s ubiquity. The state government has given offices including open restrooms, rest ranges, Musalla, eateries and auto park. Guests to Jeram Linang come to bathe, as well as to wilderness trek, and pitch their tents up for an eco-accommodating get-away at the campground gave.

Guillemard’s extension

Railroad span “Guillemard” raised crosswise over Sungai Kelantan in Kursial close Tanah Merah.This Keretapi Guillemard’s extension is longest rail line span in Malaysia. This railroad extension is inherent year 1920 and prepared implicit July 1924. This scaffold opening is to prepare and different vehicles course. It was introduced by KDYMM Al-Ismail Ibni Al Marhum Sultan Muhammad’s Sultan IV in year 1925. Name “Guillemard” am bringing Governor in conjunction with the name British (Straits Settlements And High Commissioner Governor Malay States) around then, specifically Sir Laurence Guillemard.

Be that as it may, railroad span “Guillemard” this destroyed when exploded by British troops to avoid development of Japanese military in 12 December 1941 preceding they withdraw to Kuala Krai.

Railroad extension have been harmed this have been finished repaired and opened to movement in 7 September 1948.

With finished new extension in adjacent territory, Jambatan Guillemard was no more used to diverse vehicle. It just be utilized for train course just.

Homestay Bandar Machang Kelantan

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