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Holiday Apartment Cameron Highlands

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Crown Imperial Court Holiday Apartment Cameron Highlands

Accessible for day by day rental (typical, top, super crest). Spotted behind Petronas, Brinchang.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


It is just 5 minutes strolling separation to the Brichang town focus, night market, restaurant, restaurant stream nourishment, fish, KFC, POS office, transport station, klinik, bank and a lot of people more.

Keep away from road turned parking lot at top and super crest season.

Perfect spot to unwind with your crew.

Decent ranch view, town perspective and great night view.

Near nature with trees and cool natural air.

***apartment facilities***

1,100 sq ft assembled up territory with 3 rooms, a

extensive family room and two overhang with perspective.

Completely outfitted with 5 monarch estimated cots. Substantial 6

seater eating table, couch set, TV and Mahjong


Holiday Apartment Cameron Highlands cooking facilities:

Kitchen utensils, pot, rice cooker,

fridge, gas stove, heated water supply in every


Can suit 8 to 10 persons Comfortably.

ASTRO administration.

Check-in: 2.00 pm

Check-out: 12.00 pm

Call For Best Rate:

Vincent 0125202290 Wendy 0125102290

Holiday Apartment Cameron Highlands

holiday apartment cameron highlands

Holiday-Apartment-Cameron-Highlands-bedroom Holiday-Apartment-Cameron-Highlands-out-door

Stop en-route at Lata Iskandar Water Falls

A nice waterfall along the main road leading to the Cameron Highlands is too compelling not to stop by. The waterfall is easily accessible and apparently quite safe to take a refreshing shower underneath the falls or in the small pools (keep your bathing costumes ready if you do not wish to come later all the way down from your hotel). There is a small market next to the falls selling local souvenirs and fruits.

Visit the Strawberry Farms

Strawberry is a delight by itself, but when one hand-picks strawberry from the farm, the exprience is indeed thrilling and delightful. There are numerous strawberry farms around Cameron Highlands, however, one that stood out was the ” Big Red Strawberry” farm in Brinchang. Not only were the strawberries in abundance, the farm ambiennce is quite nice and the strawberry delights offered at the farm resturant will tempt the most discerning. The farm is 10 min drive from Equatorial hotel and 5 min from Brinchang town, near to the Police Station. virtualtourist.com

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