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Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau

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Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau

Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau terletak di Balik Pulau Pulau Pinang terletak di kawasan yang tenang tidak ada kebisingan kenderaan, hanya 2 km dari Pekan Balik Pulau. Homestay ini rumah dari jenis Bungalow 2 tingkat. Mempunyai ruang tamu yang luas. Kawasan yg tiada kesesakan jalanraya.

Boleh menginap dengan menyewa bilik pada harga RM50 dan RM180 untuk sebuah rumah bagi 1 malam.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau Foto

Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau

Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau

Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau

Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau Contact

Untuk pertanyaan dan membuat tempahan Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau hubungi Zack di talian 0124602337 / 0174174983

Dazreen Homestay Balik Pulau Attraction

Penang Hill was the first frontier hill station created in Peninsular Malaysia. Containing Western Hill, Bukit Laksamana, Tiger Hill, Flagstaff Hill and Government Hill, it is found six km far from Georgetown. The hilly and forested range is the state’s essential hill resort.

Set 821m over Penang’s capital, islanders call it Bukit Bendera and it is for the most part around five degrees cooler than Georgetown. It is the last fix of tropical rainforest in Penang so the widely varied vegetation here have been secured subsequent to 1960. It doesn’t have the same noticeable quality as Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill or Cameron Highlands however it is one of Penang’s best-known vacation destinations because of its fresher atmosphere.

Penang Hill Railway

The most famous route to the highest point of the hill is the Penang Hill Railway. Situated at the foot of the hill, this Swiss-planned funicular begins from Air Itam. Manufactured in 1923, it is one of the world’s most seasoned funicular frameworks and has a 2,007m-long track that trips the hill at a creeping 30-moment pace.

The adventure takes you past rich greenery and the intermittent macaque in addition to the cabins initially constructed for British authorities and other well off residents. The line for carriages can be very long particularly on weekends and open occasions: travelers need to change prepares halfway.

Another path to the highest point of Penang Hill is by a five km drive up a private street available just to the vehicles of hillside occupants: this jeep trail is a prominent climbing course and begins from the quarry at the passage of the Penang Botanic Gardens.

There is a very much stamped eight km way driving up from the Moon Gate (between the mail station and police headquarters) at the Botanical Gardens: it is a precarious one-hour climb, yet a delightful stroll with a lot of spots to rest along the way.

There is a sustenance court, products of the soil slows down, a few gardens, an abundantly finished Hindu sanctuary, a mosque, a police headquarters, a mail station and a 11-room inn (Bellevue Hotel) at the upper funicular station: the first funicular train, fabricated in 1897, is likewise on show here.

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