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The Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands Beautiful As Maldives!

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The best vacation places in Mersing Islands are beautiful like crazy as the Maldives which you still do not know!

This small town is a transport hub to dozens of islands belonging to the territory of Johor. The island is also a favorite area of Singapore because Singapore has generally noticed that there are no holiday places like in paradise and only Mersing their preferred option.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


With the SGD1 exchange rate of 3 Malaysian Ringgit, you can flick any Singaporeans who complain about 200 kilometers to Mersing very far. Who would have thought Mersing was one of the best holiday places we had to go! Do you not believe it?

Recently, I was surprised by the news that “there are more go to Mersing than just Tioman”. My 27-year-old life has come to know the fact that behind the belated islands you can see on Google Maps, boatman and the Johor Marine Department deliberately hide dozens of other island clusters from common knowledge.

These secret islands not only have unique and attractive designs but they are also covered with salty crystal clear water and filled with colorful fishes that swim in the fun without worrying about the rising cost of living.

When I know the news of the existence of these secret islands, and “poisoned” with very interesting pictures from the travel group on Facebook, my fingers keep searching for information about Mersing islands on the internet.

There is not much searchable info in the public space, which I found, news about the Island of Tiger and surrounding islands that have been closed because there are some “thorn in the meat”, “crust in rice”, and many more idioms and words effects that can be given to some individuals who make graffiti at Harimau Island Lighthouse. Show talent in an inappropriate place!

Information search mission continues with multiplying my efforts to the next level. I private message all my acquaintances in Johor, Facebook pages related to Mersing islands, and I also make sure blogs that have written about the archipelago in the Johor area will not be missed from questioning.

There is a tour group that offers the all-in-one package for this Mersing archipelago but after a few days of review, we decided to plan the entire adventure ourselves, on factors such as flexibility, price, and privacy. And after all the itineraries and plans are framed, it’s time to present paperwork and find participants!

The Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands. Beautiful too as the Maldives!?

The Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands Beautiful As Maldives

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Summary of Plans and Participant Search

We intentionally place the last week’s date before fasting for this trip. Acid-like trips are so frustrating as our fasting month decides to hibernate from doing outdoor activities for a month and focus on spiritual activities. It is said…

After taking into account the capacity of boats, accommodation, and transportation from Kuala Lumpur, we limit the number of participants to 14 people. Departing Friday night and returning home Sunday evening, we also limit the duration of the trip to 2 days 2 nights for saving annual leave for Aidilfitri holidays.

At first, it was difficult for us to recruit 14 people for desperate planning (last minute planning) but thanks to our earnestness, we managed to recruit some new members to make this expedition successful. Mersing #kasijadi let’s go!

Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing

With three cars we departed from Kuala Lumpur at 11 pm. We purposely missed the departure time to avoid extreme traffic from late Friday evening which usually leads to the night. Using PLUS, our journey was very smooth with minimal traffic, until arriving in the Pedas-Linggi area, we were tested with a rainstorm. Although it rained heavily until the visibility was only within 10 meters, my friend who was sitting in the back seat had snoring sleeping without worrying about the possible dangers.

We arrived 30 minutes later than expected, at 5.30 am. However, as it is too early, we decided to relax and freshen up at Masjid Jamek Mersing.

It takes about 6 hours 30 minutes to arrive in Mersing, which includes two stops at the rest stop for the toilet.

Mersing Jetty

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

About 8 am, we move to Mersing Jetty Terminal. Unexpectedly, many people think like us, trying to use the last week before Ramadan to do exploration. At a glance, there are three big groups that are walking through the beach vacation starter packs – caps on the heads, hipster, and short pants. It is not difficult to distinguish locals from tourists who want to go to the island.

As a result of the dumping of tourists as well, we have difficulty finding a parking space. There were approximately 45 minutes and we were waiting before the area guard managed to find a parking place for us, even after several phone calls. Instead of the parking spaces open, only about 100 meters walk from the jetty terminal, we are directed to parking approximately 800 meters, in the home grounds of the locals. Fortunately, the guardian area generously sent us from the parking lot to the jetty’s front door. Otherwise, we had to walk.

Sutera Emas Restaurant, Abang Rastam and waiting to sail to the ocean

Up to the jetty, the belly wants to be filled with nasi lemak. Looking at the food that looks like freshly cooked at the Golden Sauce Restaurant, we continue to order food without thinking long though intending to be careful, worrying about stomach pain will disturb snorkeling activities later. We only have about 30 minutes to go on.

At this restaurant, we also meet Bro Rastam, our agent in Mersing. He will assist in managing 50% of our itinerary. Very experienced in the interior of the Mersing archipelago, we place 100% confidence in Bro Rastam to manage our journey. Honestly, we have no idea how much we really know the location and the island we are going to visit because we have all the islands in this area unique. Our theme this time – “hand over to the experts and surprising us, please”.

Summary of our island cruises trip that day. The price offered is also worth the distance to our trip.

After eating, we moved straight to the departure hall. The sea park tickets were bought early by Bro Rastam while we were eating. Originally our boat was already docked at the jetty but because we were a little late, as our schedule was shifting, as we had difficulty finding a car park, the boat had to get out early from the port to give other boat anchor and take passengers more timely.

The First Impression Of The Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands, The Long  Journey Seems Unseen

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

The boat we ride is very comfortable. This is because of the strict regulations of the Johor Marine Department which limit only 12 passengers at a time for one boat. Our first destination, to Maldives Island, takes about 45 minutes. To get to Maldives Island, we need to go past High Island first. From afar, it looks like the uniqueness of the High Island, indeed very high.

It is like a floating palace belonging to the Sultan of Johor who is still under construction. It is said that this place will be used as a sultan’s breeding ground.

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Past Island High, a magnificent floating palace of the Sultan of Johor who is still in the process of construction. Due to the wonder of the man-made marvel of the Sultan’s Palace and the natural beauty of Pulau Tinggi, our 45-minute trip seemed unseen. Actually, that is a normal trip, the spirit and excitement are unpredictable.

The front of the boat, quite spacious and comfortable, this little boat design also allows you to exchange seats with friends during travel.

“Maldives Island”

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

It’s far from Maldives Island that I think is very small. We do not know whether it is worth to call the island or not. But why the Maldives Island? We are wondering. Once we landed on the island we just got to know why this island was given a nickname to Maldives Island among locals. There are sand banks on the island that can make your pictures look like a cinematic in the Maldives. Perrgghh!

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

At first, we thought the boatman brought us here just to take pictures on the banks sand. Snorkeling on the beach area of Maldives Island, we are only served sand views. But the secret is hidden about 20 meters from the coast, swim a little and you will be surprised by what you will see beneath the surface of the water. A wide range of colorful coral groups covering an area of half the pitch, I think. Or maybe it’s bigger.

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Surprised to think that the island of Maldives is not far from the land, but its subtle beauty, comparable to other famous islands such as Pulau Perhentian and Terengganu. And if you are a true coral fan you will smile big enough to get water through the mask during snorkeling in this area.

Secret Island 1

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

The journey to Secret Island 1 only takes about 15 minutes. Fatigue has not yet disappeared, we have reached the next destination. Do not ask why it’s named Secret Island, this is the boatman’s answer when we ask for the island’s name. The uninhabited island with this rocky terrain of geography is much larger than the Maldives and we are told that we will be dropped in a secret location. It’s a secret island, the location of snorkeling is secret. Boatman tested our minds.

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

But before that, the boatman took us around the island and I think if you really want to visit all the beautiful areas of the island, it’s not enough time a day.

Secret Island cluster 1, rocky and just covered with shrubs.

Done visiting around the island, it’s time for us to visit more deeply in one of the secluded areas of the island. There is no beach here, just a rocky pebble with a small cavern, indeed a unique snorkeling port, and our arrival is also welcomed with four seagulls.

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands


Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

The boat has not been fully docked, we are busy with a selfie. The water is very crystal clear.

The water here is very clear. I think this is due to the seafloor in the coastal area of the island, rather than sandy. The calm water because the area is protected from wind blowing is also one of the main factors of the water in the area is very clear, you can easily see 7-8 meters clear to the bottom of the sea.

The shallow place in this area is very limited, it is too shallow because of a set of stones arranged under the surface of the water, otherwise only dream to stand up while resting during snorkeling. These rocks are the ones that we make, just cautious with sharp objects or corals that grow around the rocks. If hurt, with salt water handles, can flow tears. The seafloor in this area is not rampant, the change of shallow area to the deeper area is very sharp, from 1-2 meters depth can drop directly to 3-4 meters, so we are careful when stepping.

The stone at the base of the area so beautiful, surrounded by a little bit of fresh coral.

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Undersea level, corals and marine life are not as much as in Aquaria, but for me, the attraction of this place is more to its very unique underwater geography structure. With clear water, a mossy stone that looks colorful plus a little new coral to grow, the sight in front of our eyes is very impressive. I did not expect snorkeling to see the stones can make us excited to such. That, you can not get in Aquaria!

“This best vacation places in Mersing island clear water, if not due to the blue sea background, maybe I think this man is flying”.

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

In a slight deep area, stones begin to be covered by larger corals. Impatiently waiting for a coral that will occupy this area within 500-600 years.

We spent about 45 minutes here before going to the next location.

Lunch at Secret Island 2

Secret Island 2. Looks tiny but the picture can be deceiving. This is just the front of the island, the island is actually extending backward.

Secret Island 2 is located opposite Secret Island 1. It is within 5 minutes by boat. If anyone is diligent to swim, it can be. This Secret Island 2 I can imagine is a combination of Maldives Island and Secret Island 1, there are interesting rocks, caves, and beaches.

Boats are docked at the beach, and we are given more than 1 hour for lunch, exploring the area, exploring the caves, and taking pictures. After we all went down, the boat went straight to a destination we did not know. He said one hour later he would come back and pick up us again. Stay with us on this foreign island with just a lunch set. If we were tossed and the boat did not come back, it would be like Tom Hanks in the movie ‘Castaway’.

The lunch menu is not special…

But it’s normal, just off the fatigue of swimming, fried rice with eggs are very appetizing. Plus lunch on a soft white sand, with a bluish look, keep forgetting our food is actually just a bad rate.

After lunch, it’s time for us to explore the island. There is no such thing as the size of the island, but the size of the island is about half the Secret Island 1, but it is still quite large, if the time is 3 hours, we may visit the rest of the island. The coastal area may have corals, but due to the open area, the strong wind, and the sea are somewhat choppy, so it is not suitable for snorkeling. So we spent a lot of time in the cave right next to the beach where we were eating.

Here, we spend time with photoshoot sessions, sharing moments, and some who take the opportunity to sleep. Coz is not always able to sleep in a cave. One day, maybe a sleep story in the cave can be told to the grandchildren as an interesting story, “one time ago, we had been sleeping in the cave, bla bla bla…”.

‘The Magnificent Secrets Gates’

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

The Secret Gate is located on the same island, in the backyard where we had lunch. The large gate that forms a small passage of about 50 meters long is indeed a miracle of nature, unimaginable human deception as such a gate can be formed naturally. That’s right, you just google the keyword “Sea Arch”, clutter the pictures out of the world but I do not think I can see the shape of the earth in any other area in Malaysia. Please share if you have any, I want to go!

The area around this deep archway forms a canal with a magnificent view! Freediving through an amazingly beautiful trench, checked!

The Secret Gate is quite deep, just down from the boat, you will not see the bottom of the sea. It looks dark blue only, very scary for those who are not hardcore swimmers and less familiar with the sea. We were instructed to swim through the gate and the boat would take us to the edge of the gate. Who does not dare, stay away? Who did not want to get out of the boat, had to go out too.

Excited after successfully passing ‘The Magnificent Secret Gate’ with excellence!

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

We need to take turns to swim because the route is quite narrow, only 2-3 people can enter at one time. Fortunately, along with the route, there are rocks that make the route look shallow, can stand up if worried. You can see our experience through this gateway through the videos I shared at the end of this article. The experience of swimming through this secret gateway must be tried at least once in a lifetime!

As we expected, after coming out of the gate, the situation is getting shallow. But it’s getting deeper!

Take 45 minutes to move to Pulau Besar, snorkeling again!

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

Best Vacation Places In Mersing Islands

In fact, we are scheduled to visit around the Island of Tetek (do not ask why this island name is like that because the name of the island’s name is all we receive from the boatman) which says it provides a stunning underwater scenery and clearer water. But unfortunately, the wind was a bit stronger and we were forced to cancel the expedition and keep moving back to the Great Island area.

Each one was tired, the boat trip was quiet. Can be thought of with the finger of those who still survive enjoying the beauty of the sea view, the rest all asleep. We arrived at Pulau Besar at about 4 pm. From a distance, I’ve seen our camping area, but what’s bizarre, bots do not have any signs of stopping. It’s getting faster.

Asked the boat driver, I was told we would be taken to a nearby snorkeling spot. The sadness of those who are sleeping in a dream come true, when we wake them up, they thought they had arrived at Big Island, they could hang a hammock and lie in bed again, but there was another snorkeling! Haha.

Corals here also did not disappoint. Big and very beautiful. Sea life is also much more in comparison with the areas we have gone before. It does not regret spending energy for snorkeling for the last time that day.

Clearwater does not even hinder us from taking pictures.

But we were quite agitated because of the rainy morning in the Great Island area, so the water in this area was not as clear as always. The tide is also quite fast, the sadness of those who swim using the life jacket, cannot move on!

Pulau Besar wood jetty

At Pulau Besar, there are two jetties. A stone pier used by tourists to famous resorts like D’Coconut Resort and Aseania Resort. Low budget travelers like us were dropped off at a wooden jetty. We prefer there because the picture on the wood jetty is much more cinematic than the picture on the rock jetty. Just outside the jetty, which is approximately 100 meters to the middle of the sea, we continue to our destination, Chalet Kak Murni. The area is ordinary but comfortable enough for us.

We stay at the Nirwana Beach Resort area. But Nirwana Beach Resort does not exist anymore. Whether it’s new or it’s buried, which I’m not sure.

Chalet Kak Murni and sticky body

As planned, women stay in a chalet, and men will camp on the shore. For a hammock lover, there is also a port for you to hang a hammock, it can be done on two floors. If the level of confidence is high, you can make three levels.

The Mersing Islands cluster that we left was still virgin. As in Secret Island, it is our only group in the area. There was no one else in there, the shadows we had, running, screaming, no one was a tale. Best of all, you can snap photos without having photobombs with strangers! The area is very well maintained and very clean. I hope that one day when my grandchildren come to visit this place, they can see the same scene as I see now.

In short, the Mersing Islands are unique and highly recommended for hardcore sea lovers who are looking for a twist for your next island trip.

The overall cost of spending is about RM300 per head. This cost includes

KL-Mersing-KL travel cost.
Food cost 2 days 2 nights.
Snorkeling and island hopping costs to 5 locations include a life jacket, mask, and lunch
Accommodation fee in Chalet Kak Murni
Marine Park costs are paid to Johor Marine Department

For Mersing Islands package, you can contact Bro Rastam directly at +6010 718 3041 or follow him on Facebook Mersing Islands.

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