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Best Port Dickson Homestay

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Best Port Dickson Homestay  – Actually, Port Dickson got the name of Sir John Frederick Dickson, a British officer in the British occupation era. Before this place was developed it was known by the name of Tanjung or Tanjung Tin by the local Malays as its coastal facade was shaped by a small cape that allowed ships to dock. Local Chinese and Indians call this place as Alang or Coal as it is close to the bay is an island famous for its charcoal production.

Port Dickson Beach is a perfect destination for a holiday with family or friends. It has many exciting activities like a speedboat, snorkeling, bathing, horse riding and more. Not only that, but the city is also less than other interesting attractions such as historical relics, aquariums, fishing villages, and forest reserves.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


Best Port Dickson Homestay

A day overlooking the beach and sand is boring too, so what if you stop to Cape Rachado Port Dickson Lighthouse. The Tanjung Tuan lighthouse was built in 1528 and is Malaysia’s oldest lighthouse. For your knowledge, this lighthouse is actually closed for the general public. However, what caused many visitors still visiting the lighthouse is that many do not want to miss the scenic scenery around Port Dickson. Especially at sunset. Fuh, romantic indeed. But, it should be noted, not an arbitrary person who can arrive at this lighthouse. You need to go through the virgin forest, which is estimated to be 20 minutes to arrive here. If you do not, do not even have to come here, what do you say to Port Dickson Ostrich Farm?

You can spend time at Ostrich Farm in Port Dickson. The farm is quite popular among tourists but, be careful, if you can not withstand the bad smell, maybe this place does not suit you. But, do not give up easily. At Port Dickson Ostrich Farm you can enjoy and mingle in a mini petting zoo with ostrich, goat, and chicken. Additionally, you can also make money with tame rabbits, camels, donkeys, and horses. If you are extreme and want to capture memory once in a lifetime, you can ride this ostrich. But, if you are not fond of animals, do not worry, in this place, there is also an ATV that you can drive. If you want to know, it’s actually a popular place among companies that want to do Team Building programs.

For selfie fans, you can capture as many pictures as possible in the Alive 3D Art Gallery and Port Dickson Reverse House. Alive 3D Art Gallery is a concept not run from any 3D Art Gallery in Malaysia. The 3-storey Alive 3D Art Gallery building is filled with 50 3D images. However, it is important to note that you need to remove the shoes and keep them in the locker when you want to visit the Alive 3D Art Gallery. The Port Dickson Reverse House is a double story house with overlapping furniture layout. Surely you and your family will laugh in a row with the upside-down style. No matter if you or your family members are headed in the toilet bowl, the Port Dickson Reverse House will surely leave you wonderful memories for you and your family.

Do not you think there are lots of interesting places and attractions in Port Dickson that you can visit? Surely you’ll be tired after a day of sightseeing and visiting attractions in Port Dickson. As we have promised, look out for a cheap homestay list in Port Dickson. Do not worry, though it’s cheap, homestays are very comfortable and clean. Check out the list below!


Best Port Dickson HomestayBest Port Dickson Homestay – Booking.com

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