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Best Places to Visit In Gua Musang

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Best Places to Visit In Gua Musang – For the recall, the nation was shocked by the events of floods that hit the East Coast in December 2014. District Gua Musang in Kelantan to be among the worst hit by the disaster. Almost the whole area was flooded.

Two years passed, now Gua Musang return to normalcy with amenities, in addition to the state government in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture actively campaign to attract tourists to the area.


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In conjunction with the Kelantan 2016 Eco Travel, Tourism Malaysia Kelantan Travel invites local eco-tourism project of Gua Musang. For those of you who remember the area is still paralyzed, you was wrong.

On this occasion, we share the places in Gua Musang that you can visit. – KHAI ARTZFAR / projektravel.com

Best Places to Visit In Gua Musang  – Kesedar Inn

Best Places to Visit In Gua Musang

Maybe you wonder why we list Kesedar Inn as one of the places in Gua Musang. The answer is simple. This is because as much as 80 percent of the building was damaged by floods in 2014. Most of its facilities such as beds and furniture destroyed and its effects can still be seen.

Alamat Pejabat :
Jalan KESEDAR Inn, 18300 Gua Musang, Kelantan.

No Telefon: 09-9121229

Faks: 09-9122131

Etno Botany

Etno Botany or herb garden is located behind the Mini Poly Tech Mara KESEDAR, Gua Musang. The park covers 25 hectares of plants and herbs as the main attraction. We learned that as many as 500 plants and herbs will be planted in this garden.

In addition, there are a number of other amenities including a spa and visitors have the opportunity to do outdoor activities such as rock climbing, abseiling and repelling. Even more interesting, mini water theme park will also open soon.

Best Places to Visit In Gua Musang  – Gua Musang

Best Places to Visit In Gua Musang - Gua Musang


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If you want to know the origin of Gua Musang, you have to come to a cave, located near the old train station in Gua Musang. Unfortunately, our visit was unlucky because the cave was inaccessible for reasons which can not be avoided. However, it seemed the name of the cave obtained by a wolf-shaped stone in it.

Old Train Station Gua Musang

The station was closed in 2014 after the great flood. Now, the station is used as one of the heritage for the benefit of tourists. For those of you who love photography, this station may be one of the best spots.

Located about 15 kilometers from the town of Gua Musang, Nyet Swee Temple or Temple in Kampung Pulai Mek is a heritage of Malaysia, in addition to the original placement was the first Chinese in Kelantan about 500 years ago.

Nyet Swee Temple (Tokong Mek)

The origin of the name is based Nyet Swee Temple image painting Mek Temple (Kuan Yin) who brought Buddhism when migrated to Kampung Pulai.

Village REDIP, Pos Hau, Gua Musang

The village is an Orang Asli settlement which provides various facilities and activities for tourists including chalets. Among the activities that await visitors is a demonstration of traditional cuisine, installation meshes, blowpipe, traditional games, cultural performances and exploration Rafflesia.

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