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20 Bandung Tourism Options New Year’s Holiday Inspirations

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20 Bandung tourism options New Year’s holiday inspirations.

Discussing Bandung’s tourist attractions will never end. The charm of the Flower City is so indulgent as if it is endless to be admired. No wonder many people make Bandung a holiday destination towards the end of 2019.


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The alternatives available are arguably quite complete. Traveler friends can choose natural, artificial, to spoil the tongue with a culinary tour. For those of you who plan to spend the end of this year in the Flower City, here are some ways to present their choices.

20 Bandung Tourism Options New Year’s Holiday Inspirations

Here are 20 Bandung Tourism Options New Year’s Holiday Inspirations!

1. Pangalengan Tea Garden

Bandung Tourism Options New Year's Holiday Inspirations

This Bandung tour is just right for a Traveler Friend who wants to find a calm atmosphere while sitting admiring the panorama of nature. The atmosphere offered around the Pengalengan Tea Plantation area is truly delicious. The air quality is also good, very fresh and makes you feel relaxed.

Visiting a location will feel more memorable if with a partner or loved one. But coming alone is not wrong, because the beauty of nature will always feel dazzling even if only enjoyed alone.

In addition to admiring the beautiful panoramic view of the Pengalengan Tea Garden, Friend Traveler here can also carry out various other exciting activities. Starting from visiting a cow’s milk processing center, to playing in a number of natural springs. It’s no secret that the Pengalengan area has some cool tourist attractions such as Situ Cileunca and Cibolang Hot Springs.

2. Situ Cileunca

Bandung Tourism Options New Year's Holiday Inspirations

It’s not wrong if many people call Bandung a romantic city. There are many destinations that offer a magical atmosphere that is hypnotic. Inviting with your family or closest figure will provide an unforgettable holiday experience.

One of the romantic locations that you can visit is Situ Cileunca. Just like the Pengalengan Tea Garden, the natural feel feels very thick here. You can take a leisurely stroll while admiring the beautiful scenery around.

The rainy season is not an obstacle to come to Situ Cileunca. The fog created around the site will provide a magical atmosphere that is difficult to explain in words. Perfect to be used as a photo background.

If you are satisfied walking around, Teman Traveler can try a variety of exciting activities in Cileunca Situ. Besides camping, you can also be rafting or trekking. Ticket entry into this area is quite cheap, only in the range of 2.5 thousand rupiahs.

3. Stone Garden Bandung

Bandung Tourism Options – Shutterstock

Indonesia’s wealth is indeed extraordinary. Not only beautiful scenery, but various historical sites are also scattered throughout the archipelago. One of them is in Bandung, at Gunung Pawon, Kampung Girimulya.

The peak of Mount Pawon has a unique rock formation, which is the home of ancient humans or Sundanese ancestors in ancient times. This place is now known as Stone Garden Bandung or Taman Batu Bandung and is one of the popular tourist destinations among tourists.

Make sure you are careful when visiting Batu Park. Use clothes and bring the equipment needed to maintain safety. Don’t be negligent because you are too focused on looking for interesting spots to take pictures.

4. Cliffs of Masigit Padalarang

Bandung Tourism OptionsBandung Tourism Options – Instagram

Not only is it an Instagenic tour or an artificial object, but Bandung also has a special destination for Traveler, whose hobby is emitting adrenaline. The location is in Padalarang, precisely on the Cliff of Masigit. This area has a row of karstic cliffs that used to be the arena for testing the agility of rock climbing activists.

Bandung Tourism OptionsBandung Tourism Options – explorewisata.com

A Traveler who is not interested in climbing a rock can still feel the excitement on the Masigit Cliff. One of them is by taking a photo above a hammock that is hung between two cliffs. Certainly, it will be a memorable holiday experience. But remember, never do this pose without expert help and special equipment.

Masigit Padalarang Cliff is located in the West Bandung Regency. Traveler’s friends must be willing to spend big money if they want to take pictures on the cliff using a hammock.

5. Floating Market Lembang Bandung

Floating Market Lembang BandungBandung Tourism Options – tribunnews.com

Who says floating markets only exist in Kalimantan, Sumatra or Thailand. Bandung also turned out to have a special place where the merchants sell on boats. The intended destination is Floating Market Lembang.

As the name implies, the Floating Market is located in the tourist area of Bandung Lembang. This location is brand new because it just opened in 2012. Visitors can take a walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery around while trying out various delicious culinary offerings offered by vendors.

Bandung Tourism Options – travelingyuk.com

In addition to snacks or snacks, Floating Market Lembang also offers a variety of heavy foods. The average price of dishes here ranges from 5 to 35 thousand rupiahs. The entrance ticket is also not too expensive, only around 10 thousand rupiahs and can be exchanged for a welcome drink.

6. Keraton Cliff Bandung

Keraton Cliff BandungBandung Tourism Options – idbackpacker.com

Taking pictures at heights while admiring the beauty of the landscape has become a trend among travelers lately. This can be done by Friend Traveler at Keraton Cliff, one of the top tourist locations in Bandung. From the top of this location, you can see the beautiful expanse of the Kembang City forest area and enjoy the indulgent sunshine.

As a reminder, the road to Keraton Cliff is not too smooth. It takes extra effort to reach this place. However, until the peak, you will be treated to ‘Karaton’ or ‘Nature’s Grandeur’ in Sundanese.

There is no need to worry about a hole in the pocket after visiting the Keraton Cliff. The manager only pays the entrance ticket fee of around 11 thousand rupiahs.

7. Kawah Putih Ciwidey

Kawah Putih CiwideyBandung Tourism Options – meetjourney.com

As the name implies, Kawah Putih is in the Ciwidey area and is part of the Patuha Mountain region. White comes from a stream of water that is said to contain certain chemical substances, even though these colors tend to be green and can change according to natural conditions. Apart from that, the white crater is very good as a background for taking pictures.

Before being opened as a tourist place, Kawah Putih Ciwidey had a mystery story. Residents around him reportedly were reluctant to approach because they knew there were many dead birds as they passed above the crater. Investigate, the poor animals must die because of sulfur gas poisoning.

Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung Tourism Options – kepogaul.com

This beautiful tourist destination is at an altitude of 2,090 from the level of the sea. Many travelers often use it to add beautiful photo collections or even conduct pre-wedding sessions. You can reach this location by riding public vehicles via Leuwi Panjang and Ciwidey Terminals.

8. Grafika Cikole Bandung

Grafika Cikole BandungBandung Tourism Options – travelingyuk.com

The fog that often surrounds Bandung makes the Flower City offer a similar atmosphere abroad. One of them you can experience in Grafika Cikole. This tourist destination hits in Paris van Java has a devastating atmosphere that is not inferior when compared to New Zealand.

In addition to admiring the beauty of the natural surroundings, you can also try out various exciting rides at Grafika Cikole. Starting from outbound, flying fox, paint ball, and many more. Best used as a vacation destination with friends and family.

If you want to stay overnight, Grafika Cikole also provides special accommodations. The inn is present in a unique form because it resembles a hobbit house in the story of Lord of the Ring. What are your feelings? Interested in trying?

9. Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

Farmhouse Lembang BandungBandung Tourism Options – travelingyuk.com

In addition to Grafika Cikole, European-style nuance can also be found in Lembang Farmhouse. For the sake of presenting a unique nuance, the manager set up a number of buildings by taking inspiration from typical medieval European buildings. But as the name implies, this location is actually a farm and a milk processing center.

Most visitors come to Farmhouse Lembang to take pictures. But besides that, you can enjoy a variety of fun adventures at the Hobbit House and Pettin Zoo or mini zoos. After walking tired, you can sit back while enjoying grilled sausages or fresh milk.

10. De’Ranch Bandung

De’Ranch BandungBandung Tourism Options – travelingyuk.com

Dreaming of being a cowboy and living in the wild West era? Well, a small part of that dream can be made by Friend Traveler at De’Ranch. This tourist destination gives visitors the opportunity to get around on horseback while wearing a complete cowboy costume. Cool isn’t it?

The nuance offered is very different compared to tourist destinations in Bandung in general. While admiring the beauty of the natural surroundings, you can fantasize and act like a cowboy in Hollywood movies.

De’Ranch entrance tickets are not too expensive, only around 5 thousand rupiahs. Fun again, you can exchange it for a wide selection of fresh drinks. In addition to renting costumes, you can also try various agility arenas such as archery, flying fox, and many more.

11. Dusun Bambu Bandung

Dusun Bambu Bandung

The density of office activities or study for a week can sometimes make the mind tired. If it is left too long, the body and brain can become stressful. One of the best solutions is to travel on weekends and relax in the arms of natural charm.

Bandung Tourism Options

You can do this in Dusun Bambu. This destination in the Kertawangi area, West Bandung offers a calm atmosphere – perfect for relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the city. The location is also relatively new, inaugurated in 2014 ago.

Only by paying an entrance ticket of 15 thousand rupiahs, you can already feel the excitement in the Bamboo Village. Besides saung-style restaurants near the lake, visitors will also be spoiled by restaurants, villas and equatorial markets. Perfectly used as a vacation destination with family and the closest figure on the weekend.

12. Sungai Citarum Bandung

Sungai Citarum Bandung

When talking about Bandung, most travelers automatically think about a leisurely stroll in the middle of the city and exploring various historical buildings. But if you like to admire natural charm, there are a number of destinations that must be visited in the Flower City. Citarum River is one of them.

The Citarum River is located not far from the mountainous region. No wonder the water here is so clear and refreshing. But most visitors feel the excitement of traveling in Citarum by trying to play white water rafting.

Rafting in Citarum can be one of your options for year-end holidays. The starting point for rafting is in Cisameng Village.

13. Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung Tourism Options

Satisfied exploring Bandung’s natural attractions, now is the time to explore destinations in the city. One of the family tourist areas in Flower City is none other than Trans Studio Bandung. The entrance ticket is not cheap, around 150 to 250 thousand rupiahs, but you are guaranteed to feel a lot of excitement in one of the biggest amusement parks in Indonesia.

Trans Studio Bandung offers a variety of fun for all ages, from children to adults. This is reflected in vehicles that are available, extreme to ordinary. Guaranteed there will be no end to exploring this 1.7-hectare area.

Bandung Tourism Options

Opened since 2011 ago, the manager of Trans Studio Bandung continues to innovate to attract visitors. In addition to consistently updating vehicle rides, occasionally held a lively parade with the theme Halloween, Valentine, or other interesting events. No loss of visiting this tourist area.

14. Museum Geologi Bandung

Museum Geologi Bandung

For those of you who don’t have too much budget, don’t worry. Bandung still has a number of exciting places with affordable or even free tickets. One of them is the Museum of Geology.

This historic building is located in the Diponegoro area. While taking a leisurely stroll, you can learn a variety of interesting facts and knowledge about geological history in Indonesia. Starting from the age of dinosaurs, early humans, to the modern era, everything is presented with an interesting and not boring.

The Geology Museum is very easy to reach from various corners of the city. Riding public transportation or private vehicles will not be a problem. The entrance ticket is also cheap, only around 2-3 thousand rupiahs. Exceptions for foreign tourists, which are set at an entrance fee of 10 thousand rupiahs.

15. Curug Malela Bandung

Bandung Tourism Options

The beauty of Niagara Falls is widely known. Not a few people who aspire to come directly to Canada and admire the splendor. But if the opportunity hasn’t arrived yet, you can visit Cicadas as an alternative.

In Cicadas Village, Rongga Subdistrict, West Bandung, there is a multi-story waterfall called by the residents around Niagara Mini. The waterfall is actually called Curug Malela. But thanks to the power of social media, many travelers know it as a Niagara twin.

Before visiting Malela Waterfall, it’s good to prepare physically and have enough supplies. Because the road to the waterfall is not easy, it requires extra hard struggle. But once you get there, you will be spoiled by the magnificent flow of water from a height of 70 meters.

16. Interesting Places in Lembang Bandung

In addition to urban areas, the charm of Bandung’s beauty is also spread across many other angles. One is in Lembang. The city in the Paris van Java region has a great range of potential natural attractions.

No wonder Lembang is often one of the popular destinations for tourists visiting Bandung. Many exciting destinations are ideal for solo traveling or family trips.

Tangkuban Perahu

Mount Tangkuban Perahu could be a choice if you are looking for tourist destinations with mountainous and refreshing shades. This exotic location is surrounded by beautiful pine forests. You can also walk around enjoying the beauty of tea plantations around.

Interesting Places in Lembang Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu also keeps interesting stories. If you notice, this mountain peak resembles the back of the boat. According to legendary circulation in the community, it is the giant boat Sangkuriang built overnight – related to his business marrying Dayang Sumbi.

The Miniature Railway

Bandung Tourism Options New Year's Holiday Inspirations

Next, there is an educational nuance tour, the Miniature Train Station. As the name suggests, visitors will be presented with a variety of wagons and locomotives in mini versions. You can learn a lot about the development of Indonesian rail transport in this place.

The Miniature Railway is part of the Floating Market area of Lembang. All the details presented here are amazing, from the miniature of the building, housing, to the street. The train’s own miniature is made on a scale of 1:24. Amazingly, all the trains can walk along the rails like the original version.

You who wants to visit Tangkuban Perahu should bring a mask or nose and mouth cover. Because around the crater area will smell the smell of sulfur sting. If you’re unlucky, you can get unconscious for too much inhalation.

Bosscha Observatory

Bandung Tourism Options

Lembang also has a number of Dutch heritage buildings. One of them is the Bosscha Observatory. Founded in 1923, this facility is often referred to as the site of observation of the oldest celestial bodies in Indonesia.

In addition to having giant binoculars to observe space conditions, Bosscha also features a number of other educational facilities. Visitors can learn many things about celestial bodies and around them. Therefore, there is no need to be surprised if this tourist destination is often visited by a group of students and college students.

Bosscha itself also has a unique building shape, with a roof resembling a cage. You can use it as a background photo. Moreover, the atmosphere around is also pretty cool.

Kebun Begonia Glory


Satisfied to explore Bosscha area, you can continue the adventure to other Lembang tours – Begonia Park. Residents also know this place by the Begonia Glory Garden. Inside there is a stretch of beautiful flowers, one of which is Baliena aka typical Balinese flowers.

Most visitors in Taman Begonia come to just relax and take pictures. But this location also provides various facilities such as education and culinary centers. You can walk around while adding knowledge about flowers, before relaxing in a variety of delicious dishes.

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