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Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay Perak

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Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay

Ayer Tawar (Chinese: 爱大华; Pinyin: Ài Dàhuá) is a residential area of 30,000 individuals in the region of Manjung, state of Perak, Malaysia. Ayer Tawar truly signifies “crisp water” in the Malay dialect, in spite of the fact that the statement “Tawar” on its own methods bland. The town is less well-known than its quick and bigger neighbor Sitiawan, which is 12 kilometers away


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Ayer Tawar is about 60 km west of the state capital, Ipoh, and something like 22 km from Lumut, where the biggest Malaysian maritime base is arranged. You can achieve the town from the North South Highway through Penang to Taiping to Pantai Remis, by means of Ipoh or the waterfront street from Telok Intan to Sitiawan.

Ayer Tawar incorporates various new towns e.g. Kampong Raja Hitam, Kampong Merbau, Kampong Jering, and the biggest of all, Ayer Tawar New Village.

The town is partitioned into two segments known as Old Town and New Town by the Ayer Tawar River. Humorously, certain structures in the Old Town are much more current than those in the New Town because of redevelopment, from rehashed blazes which gutted the first thatched wooden shophouses. Today, advancement is going ahead in the New Town along the line of shophouses beside Jalan Sekolah, the street prompting the Min Te Chinese Primary School, which is the most seasoned school of the town.

Other than that, there are a couple of elementary school close-by. For instance Ayer Tawar Tamil Primary School, Pei Min Primary School in Kampong Raja Hitam, and Merbau Primary School in Kampong Merbau.

Eminent historic points in Ayer Tawar include: the Chinese Methodist Church, Taoist Nine Emperor Gods Temple, a Hindu Krishna Temple, the Buddhist Guang Ji Gong Temple, and the Kutien Association Building.

Ethnic Chinese, for the most part from the Kutien sub-group of the Fuzhou lingo gathering, embody the lion’s share of Ayer Tawar’s populace. The vast majority of them work in elastic domains and oil palm estates, or take part in the retail business. Peripheral towns are populated by Malay individuals, essentially paddy and soil grown foods ranchers. Ayer Tawar at present confronts an issue of migration of its more youthful occupants to other greater towns and urban communities.

Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay

Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay

Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay

Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay

Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay found in New Village Ayer Tawar with adjacent nearby market, school, restaurant and so forth. The homestay give the TV, cooler, couch, water warmer, room with aerate and cool, organizer, dressing table, baggage bureau and so forth. Don’t hesitate to call or PM for the further data.

Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay located in New Village Ayer Tawar with nearby local market, school, restaurant and etc.

Facilities for the Ayer Tawar Jaya Homestay:

  • – Living Hall
  • – 4 room with double bedded
  • – Room with air-condition
  • – Television with Astro
  • – Refrigerator
  • – Sofa
  • – Water heater
  • – Cupboard, dressing table, luggage cabinet

Feel free to call @ 012-6568988 or Email: taman.ayertawar.jaya.homestay@gmail.com  for the further information.

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