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10 Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays

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Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Discover why these bistros emerge among the numerous that have mushroomed in Penang. See a consistent idea impacting their uniqueness that has nothing to do with the sustenance served.

Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays

10. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays -Penang Cat Café

Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays


The bistro is in a 2-story shophouse inside the legacy zone of George Town. It joins a retail location offering feline related things from dress to mugs and a bistro above it where the felines abide. The eating segment is isolated from the feline petting range for cleanliness purposes. In this way, praise the felines first before enjoying their little menu of simple chomps, for example, pies, tarts and quiche.


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53, Lebuh Muntri
Penang, Malaysia


Call 04-261 1197

9. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Jack and Co.

Bistros For Penang Homestays


It might appear somewhat off to have expansive holders inside a bistro space yet it surely is a group puller. This 2-story bistro in Bukit Mertajam welcomes you to experience eating on their mostly American menu with a dash of cutting edge Asian dishes, inside a mechanical compartment. Prominent here are burgers, wieners and, obviously, a hip atmosphere. In any case, maybe not for the claustrophobic, be cautioned.

8. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Black Kettle

Amaizing Bistros For Penang Homestays


Ideal at the intersection of Lebuh Pantai and Chulia is this bistro that serves as a restaurant and additionally a pastry shop that serves delicious Danish baked goods, cakes, and sweets for the duration of the day, seven days a week. For those missing a sweet a tooth and not enticed by their show of baked goods, appetizing dishes, for example, soupy ramen, fries with truffle-enhanced mayonnaise plunge and grouped crisply heated bread to dunk into decisions of soup are accessible as well. A dinner coordinated with the bistro’s current, chic mood is certain to unwind you.

7. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Great Canteen at Sekeping Victoria

Great Canteen at Sekeping Victoria


This craftsmanship space fuses living trees with its crude inside style of sharp edges, hard lines, uncovered dividers and bond floors. There’s a general sentiment moderation, present and cutting edge that mirrors the non-congruity state of mind of a worldwide native. The bistro serves a staple of Japanese set dinners, servings of mixed greens, pasta, flame broiled sandwiches and limited time dishes. As a general rule, there’s a workmanship presentation in plain view or fortifying talks being held here.

6. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Narrow Marrow

narrow marrow cafe penang


Possibly the tightest contemporary bistro in George Town, this present one’s in an old shophouse and has a developing menu, great espresso in addition to a refined mood. It oozes a bohemian, tense however inviting vibe, it’s a famous spot for intuition creatures (of both two and four-legged assortment).

5. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Bricklin Bar Café

Bricklin Bar Café

Its climate is one of chic, cutting edge and, for the need of a superior word, autonomous. Housed inside what was a transport terminal, this bistro is a prominent pit stop for those meeting its neighbor, the Hin Bus Depot workmanship display known for showing the cutting-edge specialists without-of-this-world point of view that thinks about their specialty. They serve great newly blended espresso, a choice of pies, quiche, and tarts.

4. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Bar In The Park

With Bricklin Café as its neighbour furthermore housed inside the Hin Bus Depot craftsmanship exhibition, they are to a greater degree a steakhouse and eatery instead of a bistro however because of its aesthetic feeling; it radiates easy-going warmth likened to that of an espresso put. Expect succulent, jaw-broadening burgers and delicious steaks off their flame broil to fulfill your most meat eating longing for here. There are servings of mixed greens, soups, and primary dishes, for example, chicken and fish also.

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3. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Macallum Connoisseurs

Macallum Connoisseurs


It’s a roastery, espresso foundation and bistro moved into one. In this way, you can expect great espressos well as ground espresso beans sold in packs too. They’re getting to be distinctly known for their Macallum espresso mix. The bistro has a mechanical stockroom style, high roof and an enormous space that is uncommon in George Town. On their menu, expect pasta, bagels, American-style breakfast and cakes.

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2. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – The Alley

The Alley penang


Situated inside the region of the acclaimed Kuan Yin sanctuary in George Town, this bistro is a decent spot to grab a seat and load up on sugar while visiting the town. They’re known for their newly arranged churros and four sorts of plunge – caramel, Nutella, chocolate and cinnamon sugar. Other than that, their cronuts with smears of these plunges are really addictive as well. On a hot day, choose their packaged cool mix espresso. It’s just jarring commendable.

1. Amazing Bistros For Penang Homestays – Seventy7

Seventy7 penang

Found right smack amidst Penang’s freshest nightlife range called Nagore Square is this bistro and craftsmanship display moved into one. Its enchanting atmosphere is because of the legacy working in which is it housed and snappy stylistic layout. This is a place where they serve mixed drinks, brew and unrecorded music that will persuade a decent time to check the end of a week’s worth of work. Its specialty display upstairs invites craftsmen or picture takers who are searching for spaces to show their work

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