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9 Langkawi Budget Hotels Discover

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Discover The 9 Most Langkawi Budget Hotels – Budget hotels in Langkawi mostly offer amenities that are of basic nature such as air conditioners, private bath, showers and lots more. There are others that do offer fridge, safety lockers e.t.c. Most of the hotels that fall under this category do have their own restaurants. Many of them will not maintain your room for you on a daily basis unless you make a special request for such to happen.

However, there are some hotels that have proven to standout in terms of rendering services that are of high values to their customers. This could be in the form of wonderful location, great amenities, friendliness of members of staff and others. The expensive hotels are different in lots off regards when compared to the ones that are cheaper. This is because they will make you feel very important by allowing you to have access to some of the best amenities around.


Isi borang di bawah, Pilih Harga Terendah!!


9 Langkawi Budget Hotels Discover

Budget hotels in most cases, will require an amount to be deposited which is refundable. There are usually variations in the amount as requested by different hotels. However, the average amount that you will be required to pay as a refundable deposit is RM100. This amount will be refunded back to you once you finally return the keys of your room.

Searching And Booking For Budget Hotels In Langkawi

In other to discover all the good and reliable hotels in this location, you should make use of the search box that is below. The list can be sorted by price. There are lots of things that you can check about the hotels such as: reviews, room rates, scores and standard of amenities. After that, you can book for the one that can fit into your budget. This is a service which is rendered by the number 1 website on the internet in World which can be used to book for hotels.

A Review of The Reliable Budget Hotels In Langkawi

Below is a review list of all the hotels in this place in accordance with how luxurious they are. Other things that have also influenced the reviews are: quality of services, ambience and available amenities. Finally, you will also get a firsthand fact about what we experienced when we visited these hotels. This has been the most influential factors in the ranking of these hotels. For complete reviews, you can feel free to visit the links.

1. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Malibest Resort In Pantai Cenang

This is one of the best when the issue of budget hotels is mentioned and it is run by Baron Group. It is located in an attractive area where there are lots of activities going on such as restaurants and shops. Its accommodation includes beachside chalet as well as houses. The best part is that the view of the water is great.

You have access to facilities such as AC, showers (hot and cold) and so on. Next to the entrance is an Indian restaurant that is not under its management. Its services are only basic as there are no luxury facilities around such as bars, pools, gym and the others. What has made it to stand out from the other hotels is the fact that it is located in a beach and the quality of services is decent.

2. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Hotel Asia Langkawi In Kuah

This is perhaps one of the most affordable hotels in this town. The rooms are neat and the amenities are decent. Some of them are: bottle water (free), coffee maker and free Wi-Fi. This is an area which offers a lot in terms of convenience even though it is not crowded when compared to the other areas.

3. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Mali Perdana Resort In Pantai Cenang

This is amongst my favorite and it is located at the southern end of the town (Pantai Cenang). At the back is Pantai Tengah beach. The rooms are clean and they have installed air conditioners. Also there is shower (cold and hot) as well as other amenities that can make your stay comfortable. At the reception area, you can have access to free coffee and tea.

If you want a room where you can easily view the sea, you will need to check out room number 20 and 10. They have fridge and chairs to make you very comfortable.

4. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Sunset Beach Resort In Pantai Tengah

You will find this hotel at the spot where the Pantai Tengah beach starts from. The topical gardens are beautiful and it is a great place if you have a very tight budget. The beach has a lounging area that is private. You will get access to amenities such as beachside massage, free WI-FI, tea and coffee services.

There are water sports that you can register for at affordable prices. The workers are very friendly and they will always make you feel at home.

5. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Cenang Memories Motel in Pantai Cenang

This hotel is new but is also promising and has about 10 rooms which are clean and up to standard. The atmosphere is very serene as it is very close to the beach. It is a very good option for families.

6. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Melati Tanjung Motel In Pantai Cenang

It is located in Pantai Cenang beach and it is near Malibest. This means you get the same beach view as what you will get in Malibest. It has been expanded recently with more rooms being added. There are rooms that you can use to view the sea. Its rooms are neat with attractive walls to make them appear irresistible. If you are a local and are searching for where to spend your holiday, you may want to try out this hotel.

7. Langkawi Budget Hotels –  The Box Chalet in Padang Matsirat

This is a small, basic and new hotel which is managed by Mas Alia who is very determined to ensure that the hotel meets the needs of customers. It has small rooms but they are neat and attractive. The courtyard and path ways that are between the rooms do have plants that make the place to look beautiful.

8. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Baiduri’s Place Which Is Located At Pantai Cenang

This hotel is small in terms of rooms as it has only 3 in total. It is near Mali Perdana Resort. The rooms are very neat with WI-FI amenities.

9. Langkawi Budget Hotels – Coco Valley Inn Location in Kuah

You can find this one at the heart of the town. There are rooms for families that would like to lodge in it. There is also in – room WI – FI which is free to access. You will be very comfortable in this place.


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