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Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim

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Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim – Serving provide accommodation in Tanjung Malim. Homestay is comfortable and affordable.

Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim FACILITIES:

1. 2-storey terraced houses
2. 1 bedroom (air-conditioner)
3. 2 common rooms
4. The living room, dining area and kitchen

Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim LOCATION NEAR:

2. Polytechnic Behrang
4. Proton City
6. MRSMs Trolak
7. Hot Springs, Sungkai
8. Sungai Bil
* Very close to restaurants, grocery stores, laundries, and supermarkets Billion.

1. Full payment must be made before or during delivery of the homestay’s key.
2. The reservation fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
3. Safety of occupants and property are the responsibility of the tenants themselves.



011-10788160 (TEACHER ZUL)
019-5538160 (TEACHER SUE)
017-2947268 (SHAHIRAH)
012-5930116 (EN. BAHARIN)

Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim

Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim Dinie Homestay Tanjong Malim

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Tempat menarik Malaysia:

Tempat Menarik Malaysia

Tempat Menarik Negeri Perak

Thing To Do In Tanjung Malim

Lata Sungai Bil is a well known outing territory for local people and guests from outside the Muallim region. The immaculate stream and peaceful climate had attracted guests to have picnics and to bathe in this waterway.

Lata Sungai Bil is likewise renowned to the individuals who like outdoors, wilderness trekking, angling, picnicking and others. Here, there is a hydroelectric dam used to produce power. Different offices are given here, for example, open lobby, auto parking area, nourishment and drink outlets and furthermore rest houses for the solace of the guests. Presently, Lata Sungai Bil is known all through the state for the national level exercises held here like the ECO Challenge rivalry and the National Service Programme(PLKM).

Ulu Slim Hot Springs

Most guests to this lake love to bubble eggs and absorb their feet the lake. The encompassing territory of the lake was cleared and created by Tanjong Malim District Council with offices, for example, rest stops and overhead walkway over the lake making it fascinating and lovely. The temperature of this lake achieves 104°C. This lake is likewise a fascination for X.P.D.C undertakings crossing the Titiwangsa Range from Raub Pahang.

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