Senarai Homestay Kota Bharu

Senarai Homestay Kota Bharu – To figure out how the villagers still chase for their sustenance, Min House Camp can organize a waterway voyage in a sampan (level bottomed wooden pontoon) to assemble lokan (mollusks). These are cooked on a grill pit where they split open over the flame to uncover sweet bits of meat.

Somewhere around 8pm and 11pm, you can settle on a 30-minute sampan trip along the waterway to see kelip-kelip (fireflies). The guys squint their lights to motion to the females amid the mating season.

Past the kampungs, Kelantan has more to offer. You can trek up Gunung Stong for the picturesque perspectives of the seven-level waterfalls, or go whitewater rafting in Sungei Neggiri. Also, in the event that you happen to be there from May 28 to 31, get the yearly Kelantan International Kite Festival where

you will see worldwide members setting their aptitudes against each other.

Talking about kites, Kelantan is known for its complicatedly planned wau bulan, which is one of the images of Malaysia. Enhanced with painted themes and sickle formed sails, these moon kites are generally made and flown by men.

You can take in a ton about the Kelantanese by watching how these kites are made, as how they show regard by not painting over or covering an outline done by a senior expert.

Senarai Homestay Kota Bharu

senarai homestay kota bharu

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The chalet is spacious, clean and comfortable
with reasonable price. Pay a visit to
Homestay fields located at No.7, Branch
Tiga, Jalan PCB Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Please call for reservations, especially in summer
the school holidays.
Mrs. Rakiah: 019-7742199 or 09-7742199

Penginapan Pantai Cahaya Bulan Kota Bharu

Private room rental facility or group

There are 3 types of rooms:

Type A)
The main room: 2 Queen beds, air cond,
fan, TV, bathroom (no “water
heater “). RM80

Type B)
The second room: 2 single beds, air cond,
fan, TV, water heater.RM60

Type C)
The third room: 1 queen bed, TV,
an air cond TV, water heater.RM60

Extras: mattress and extra pillows, fan.

Features free internet access.

Sila hubungi: Wan 017-9065332,
Bayaran: Maybank No. 103015719415 (Hj.Wan Yusof)