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Langkawi-Swimming And Snorkeling

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Langkawi-Swimming And Snorkeling – There are certain assurances you get when you take a vacation to an island destination like Langkawi.

It is a choice destination on the west coast of Malaysia made up of a cluster of 99 tiny islands and is surrounded by Andaman’s sea emerald blue water. Its islands have remained unspoiled, and as such, you can expect so much fun with swimming and snorkeling around the island.

You can’t be disappointed as the main island of Langkawi itself has many beaches with a white stretch of sands which are perfect for swimming. The best beaches ideal for swimming where you will have maximum enjoyment is Tanjung Rhu beach, Pantai Cenang Beach, and Pantai Tengah beach. They all have shallow water perfect for an incredible spin in the sea.

However, if watching marine life is what pleases you, then visiting the beachside water areas on the main island of Langkawi is not the best option as the water visibility is low from all the rivers’ sediments.

Langkawi-Swimming And Snorkeling

Langkawi-Swimming And Snorkeling


When you should swim and snorkel at Langkawi

Typically, Langkawi has a tropical weather condition and a water temperature of 29 and 30 degrees Celsius, which is the right heat level for swimming and snorkeling. There are ideal periods of time to come visiting, though. We would advise between November and March for the best experiences.

Since it is going to be rainy between June and September, being the Monsoon time, that period would not do well for your swimming and snorkeling activities. Likewise, August to September isn’t ideal for you to swim and snorkel in places like Pulau Payar because of the high southerly wind.

Best locations for snorkeling in Langkawi

Even though the beachside locations of the main island of Langkawi are not best for snorkeling, there are some areas of the main island that can still offer an impressive view of marine life. One of such is the Datai Day beach, which, unfortunately, is only accessible to the guests of Datai Resort and the Andaman Resort.

Alternatively, you can enjoy some snorkeling at the Pulau Chabang which is a short distance from Tanjung Rhu beach. The water at Pulau Chabang is perfect for snorkeling to your heart’s desire.

Boat trips and cruises in Langkawi-Snorkeling and swimming

The following locations in Langkawi’s offshore islands offer excellent snorkeling benefits:

Pulau Payar Marine Park: this is the most visited area in Langkawi for swimming and snorkeling. It is located 30 km south of Langkawi and comprises of Pulau Payar and some other small islands. As you go beyond the shores of the beachside, you will see many exotic aquatic animals like the black tipped baby sharks, the butterfly fish, Moorish idols, the rare rabbitfish, pink anemonefish, and damselfish among others.

Pulau Beras Basah: the Pulau Beras Bash is also a fantastic spot for snorkeling. Here, you will see many exotic aquatic species under clearly visible water. The beach is not distant at all as within fifteen to twenty minutes; you will arrive there from Awana Porto Malai dock at Pantai Tengah. Although there is the problem of trash (cans) thrown into the sea by tourists, you will enjoy yourself nevertheless.

If what you want is to spend lots of time to snorkel here, you should go with your gears to Awana Porto Malai Terminal and take a boat heading only to Pulau Berah Basah.

Pulau Dangli Beach: Pulau Dangli Beach is located on the small island of Dangli. In here, you will see many colorful fishes. It usually takes about two hours to arrive including the boat ride. Ask the boat operator for the best moments to go snorkeling in the water.

Pulau Timun: this is a tiny secluded island in the eastern part of Langkawi. It is uninhabited by humans but wild pigs and lots of bats. There are little or no facilities, but it has a crystal clear water.

Swimming in natural ponds

If you are still not satisfied and you want more swimming adventure, then you could visit the Seven Wells Waterfall (Telaja Tujuh). As its name implies, it is a waterfall that forms seven natural pools at different heights. You can decide to catch your fun at any of these pools. The most coveted of the pools is the one at the pinnacle of the fall. But to get to it, you would have to climb some 638 steps to get there. You can as well still enjoy the pools at the middle and lower levels.

Top Snorkel Operators in Langkawi

There are many businesses offering boat tours for snorkeling. They offer half day and full day programs, depending on your needs and budget. Most provide you with snorkeling gears and food (for a full day program).

Know more about this from the Top Snorkel and Dive Operators Page.

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