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3 Adventurous Things Must Do In Langkawi Malaysia

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3 Adventurous Things Must Do In Langkawi Malaysia – Kayaking is such a fun outdoor activity to embark upon in Langkawi. You get to see many terrestrial and aquatic organisms you may only have seen on TV in documentaries.

You will have a first-hand experience of sighting animals like the White-bellied sea eagles, monkeys, King Cobra, monitor lizards and mud skippers. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the bizarre walking fish.

Adventurous Things Must Do In Langkawi Malaysia – Mangrove Kayaking

Your tour guide will explain the relevance of all these other forms of life on the earth’s ecosystem on an educational yet thrilling fashion.

On your trip, you will encounter a floating fish farm and restaurant by the name of Hole in the Wall. There you can see and feed stingrays, and see more of the world beneath ground level.
Also, there is another place called JungleWalla where an experienced tour guide will tell you more about the mangroves. You will see where all the island’s fishers gather before they head out to the sea for their day’s job.

Clothing and equipment recommendations

Regarding what to wear for the kayaking, we would suggest a cotton T-shirt, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes and an excellent sun protection lotion. Only wear attires of natural colors like green, black or brown and not sharp colors such as red and yellow.

Having previous experience with kayaking would be an added advantage. Even if you don’t, you are still in safe hands with the experienced tour guide.

If you would like to take photos with a camera during the expedition, we would recommend a small-sized type for easy carrying. The boat operators may provide you with a small waterproof bag to keep it in but you will not able to salvage the camera should it fall into the water and sink. Therefore, we advise extreme caution when using one.

Top Mangrove Kayak Tours and Operators in Langkawi

Our best-recommended tour providers and operators for kayaking are Dev’s Adventure Tours and JungleWalla. See Top Nature Tour Operators to know their pricing and acquire their contact details.

Adventurous Things Must Do In Langkawi Malaysia – Parasailing In Langkawi

3 Adventurous Things Must Do In Langkawi Malaysia


You must be feeling giddy and ready to see all the glorious wonders of Langkawi through the experience of parasailing, to view the beautiful terrain from hundreds of feet in the air. But before you get your first sailing experience, we have a quick word of advice for you.

Many unlicensed operators will promise “heaven and earth” on a small budget. We beseech you for your sake not to patronize them as launching a parasail from the beaches like Pantai Cenang & Tengah is prohibited and deemed illegal by the authorities because of ensuing fatal injuries when tourists do so.

We would rather suggest that you go for any of the licensed parasail vendors who will guarantee you and yours safety, with a little bit extra fee above the unlicensed operators. You should use the experience in enjoyment and not worry about your wellbeing.

An entire parasailing experience goes for about thirty minutes. You can get any of the approved rides from Pantai Cenang Beach, Tanjung Rhu beach, and Kuah.

On the parasail, you will see the island and beach at 500 feet above sea level. The boat will look like a tiny dot in the middle of the water at that distance. After being airborne for ten minutes, you will land back into the boat smoothly without getting yourself wet. You will then be taken back to the shore for another ten minutes.

Best Parasailing Operators in Langkawi

Even though there are several licensed operators in Langkawi, we highly recommend the services of NAAM Sports for their specialized boat and parasail offerings from Pantai Cenang, Kuah, and Tanjung Rhu.

Adventurous Things Must Do In Langkawi Malaysia – Sailing And Yachting In Langkawi

Whether be it that you are a sailor or a yachter with or without a personal yacht, Langkawi is one of the best destinations for your adventures on the sea. Provision is made for everything imaginable a sailor or yachter may need such as accommodation, shopping, custom & immigration services, repairing and maintenance, etc.

You can always rent a yacht from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in Kuah town if you do not have your yacht.

However, if you have a yacht in your possession, we recommend you visit the following pages.
Langkawi Sailing: Clearing In & Out

Clicking this link will take you to a web page where you can know all about where to clear in and out, as well as where and how you will find customs & immigration and other useful information.
Langkawi Marinas

Here you will get all the necessary information of all the marinas in Langkawi – the pros and cons of using any, price comparisons, where to go to for maintenance services, and berth and mooring facilities.

Things to read when before you go:

Top 10 Malaysia Tourist Attraction Vacation Destination

7 Secrets To Travel Safe On Your Next Vacation

Homestay Langkawi Ultimate Tips

Langkawi Moorings and Anchorage

Other than the marinas mentioned earlier, you can know about both paid and free anchorage services here.

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

It is a high likelihood that as a yachter, you will want to meet with other yachters like yourself. A perfect place for that is the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, which was established in 1996. It is a great hangout spot for yachters to relax, have fun, chat and relish the moments together. There are a Jacuzzi and several other excellent facilities coupled with a ton of activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. A parking space for your yacht is also available.

Langkawi Boatyards, Repairs & Maintenance

Know about where you can get maintenance and repair services, boatyards as well as suppliers of spares and all necessities for a smooth sailing experience.

Royal Langkawi International Regatta

Between January and March once a year, Yachters from all over the world come to Langkawi to race with their yachts.

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