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Homestay UUM -Zaida Homestay

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Zaida Homestay Changlun


Zaida Homestay Changlun – Homestay Area Pekan Changlun, Rumah Teres 3 bilik tidur(bilik utama ada Aircond) Homestay yg lengkap dgn kemudahan asas,bersih dan selesa. Tempat2 Antaranya terdekat UUM, UNIMAP, POLITEKNIK, MATRIKULASI KEDAH, BUKIT KAYU HITAM dan lain-lain.

Zaida Homestay Changlun Foto

Zaida Homestay Changlun Zaida Homestay Changlun Zaida Homestay Changlun Zaida Homestay Changlun Zaida Homestay Changlun

Zaida Homestay Changlun Contact

Puan Zaida .. 012-4985652, 012-5217726


Early this month, I camped at one of the northernmost place in Malaysia, a small town called Changlun, which is just 10 minutes away from the Thai border. I thought that it’s one of the most dreading trip ever, being away from the kids for so long and staying in almost a squatter like bungalow nearby. Internet connection is not the best since 3G connectivity is only available towards the centre of the town (which by the way populated near a traffic light junction) and anything further than that, you get zero connection. Food wise, there’s a mixture of Thai, Chinese and Malay food and you wouldn’t fail to at least order a plate of spicy dish when you’re eating out, even at Chinese restaurant.

The town is mainly sustaining on the student population from the Northern University of Malaysia, plus the few hundreds staff working there, so I guess it’s a bit like Newcastle back in my university days minus the big shopping mall, or McDonalds or place for entertainment. It’s also pretty difficult to gauge working in a state where Sunday is a working day and Friday is a holiday, but banks follow the standard working week. Anyways, thank god for food and eats that somehow I’ve managed to pull a good 11 days through this town, with limited accessibility to internet.

Eateries in UUM

When in terms of food, I found the best food located in the UUM campus itself and the food is seriously cheap!

Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM4) available in the EON Student Hostel, tasty but I find the sambal lack the punch you need to get from Nasi Lemak. It’s also an alternative because we initially wanted to try the Nasi Tomato, recommended by one of the students in UUM.


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