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Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat

Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat –┬áThe main options when it comes in Segamat. Want to compare this with the hotel in Segamat price of RM200.00 only 1 living room together alone? BUT since 2013 Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat, has more than 2000 guests who have come from all over Asia Start from north to south, from the east coast to the west coast and do not forget from Sabah and Sarawak but some of ALGERIA guests also stayed here.

4 Things You Need to Know About Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat

Homestay Bandar Putra is a terrace house located on level 1 No. 1/17 66 road Putra, Bandar IOI Segamat, Johor (5 km from Bandar Segamat).

Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat

Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat
Located in the garden, which has relatively complete facilities such as 7E, clinic, laundry, hospital, police station, fire station, mosque, shops and eateries, the community college Segamat. Pusat Pakar Dialysis etc.

At Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat, cleaning the house is fully focused, the modern concept of interior modifications and updates (Ikea @ caisson).
Homestay is located in the lively, has a spacious parking for 6 cars. 0.5km – Segamat General hospital 15 km – Pulapor Segamat 15km – 0.5km Segamat Uitm – Segamat Community College 200m – Bandar Putra Mosque 200m – Fire 5km – Bandar Segamat

15 Special Feature Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat

Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat provides as follows:

3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
Astro Full HD
Wi-Fi 4 Mbps
Queen beds in each room
air conditioning in all rooms.
Fridge, microwave, electric kettle
cooking facilities
Parking space 6 cars outsides
bath towel 6 pcs
mineral water and sugar-free
The living room and dining room
water heater, soap
Washer & washing soap
Toto 2 pcs and 20 pillows
Ironing board and iron

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Imagine If You Stay At Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat

How much fun hanging out with all the family members in an atmosphere of your own home.

You can rent here for a variety of activities that you do every time you come to the parade, feast, of course, Convocation, visiting family in the hospital, work in Segamat and others.

The cost of stay cheap and can make a trip to all destinations in Segamat within a day.

All of the above we offer only R200.00 per night
If you are staying for a long period, we will provide a discount at a reasonable price
We also provide catering services for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner for guests staying at a reasonable price.
Check In: 14:00 Check Out: 12: 00-01: 00

RM50 refundable deposit upon check-in

Homestay Bandar Putra Segamat
66, Jalan Putra 1/17, Bandar IOI, 85000 Segamat, Johor.

Reservation Assistant

Tel: +6012-698 8172

Office Hours: Monday – Friday (9am-6pm)

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