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Natasya Homestay Sungai Mati Muar Johor

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Natasya Homestay Sungai Mati Muar Johor

Natasya Homestay Sungai Mati Muar Johor located at Pekan Rawang, Sg Mati, Muar.
Distance to Muar Town 9km, Tangkak Tol 15km ,Tangkak Town 18km and Gunung Ledang 33km.Semi-D house with 3 bedrooms,2 hall and 2 bathroom. 3 queen size bed.
3 air conditioner, TV, 1 Freezer,washing machine,iron & iron board and complete kitchen for cooking.
Extra comforter can be request.
Other Terms & Conditions:
RM200 per night, can be nego if more than 2 nights.
Please Call Khairiyah 0126330776 for booking
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 Muar, otherwise called Bandar Maharani is the illustrious city and fourth biggest city (after Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat and Kluang, the capital) of the condition of Johor, Malaysia, geopolitically arranged in Muar District in the district or region of Muar in northwestern Johor, Malaysia. It is the fundamental and greatest town of the greater element district or zone of the same name, Muar which is sub-partitioned into the Muar area and the new Ledang region, which was overhauled into an undeniable locale from the Tangkak sub-region earlier.[2] Muar region as the main locale covering the entire territory previously fringes Malacca in the northern part. Upon the overhauling of Ledang area, the Muar locale now covers just the region south of Sungai Muar, whilst the northern range past the stream is in inside Ledang locale. In any case, both isolated managerial areas are still aggregately and affectionately called and alluded to as the district or zone of Muar overall by their occupants and pariahs.

Food and cuisine

Local Malay nourishments such Mee Bandung, Rojak Petis, Satay and Asam Pedas are the mark food of Muar. Javanese cooking, for example, Soto, Mee Rebus, Lontong and Nasi Ambeng are additionally accessible. Pastry incorporates goreng pisang (singed banana) and goreng tempeh (fricasseed Javanese matured soya bean cake) with thick soya sauce with hot stew deeping. The nearby form of Nasi Beriani Gam is likewise accessible. Ikan bakar are nearby barbecued fish and joined via ocean nourishments, for example, prawn, squid, crab, mussel, and shellfishes are eaten with banana leaf wrapped Nasi Lemak. They are accessible at Medan Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor, Jalan Bakariah and Medan Ikan Bakar Parit Karang, Kesang. Mee Siput; a nearby delightful nibble eaten with sambal, neighborhood stew glue sauce is just accessible in Muar. Johor Laksa is an alternate delightful nearby sustenance.

Otak-otak at Jalan Haji Abu

Muar is likewise popular for some Chinese sustenances like the Muar Otak-otak, Teochew Or-Luak/Or-Chien(Fried Oyster omelet), Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice ball, Muar Char Kway Teow (browned kueh teow with shellfish), Hokkien Char Hae Mee (Fried Prawn Mee), Cantonese Wonton Mee, Muar Char Siew Perng (Red Roasted Meat Rice), Teochew Lo-Ak-Perng (Braised Duck Rice), Teochew Mee Pok (Fish Ball Thin Noodle), Teochew Her-Moi(Fish Soup Porridge), Teochew Kueh-Chap (Big Pieces Flat Kueh Teow in Soup with Braised Meat, Offal, Egg and Bean Curd), Teochew Chwee Kueh (container molded steamed rice flour cakes finished with slashed saved/salted radish), Teochew Chai Tao Kueh (singed raddish cake), Cantonese Chok (Congee), Simpang Jeram’s Loy Her Bee Hoon (haruan/snake head fish vermicelli soup), Bak Kut Teh (home grown pork ribs soup), Teochew Ter Chap Cheng Therng(Pig’s organ soup), Curry Laksa, Hakka Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Bean Curds mixture), Chee Cheong Fun, Mi/Bang Chien Kueh (Kuih Apam Balik Cina) and so forth are must-attempt nearby Chinese indulgences for guests. Nourishments focuses can be found at Muar Bus Station (Malay), Tanjung Emas (Mixed), Jalan’s Bentayan Hawker Centre(Chinese) and Jalan Haji Abu (Chinese), broadly known as “T’am Cjia Kuay” (贪吃街) actually “the pig ravenous eating road” by the Chinese befitting its notoriety for being the sustenance safe house of the town. There are additionally a couple of Chinese restaurants serving pleasant Pau and Dimsum (Chinese bun and dumpling) for breakfast.

There are additionally numerous Chinese restaurants and Malay sustenance slows down offering mixture of nearby food on their menus. On distinctive days of the week there are Pasar Malam or night markets and Pasar Tani offering numerous nearby nourishments at diverse areas of the town. Celebrated neighborhood Chinese celebration indulgences like Thong Chiew Guek Peah – Mooncakes and Nian Bing – New Year Biscuit, likewise other mainstream delights like Lou Poh Paeng – Wife Cakes, Tao Sah Peah – Bean Paste Biscuit, Heong Peah are accessible at the Yong Sheng Gift Shop. Plus, Muar Yuen Chen Siang shop is popular for their Bak Kua-Barbecued Pork.

Indian cooking, for example, Banana Leaf Rice, Nasi Kandar, Mee Rojak, Rojak Mamak, Putumayam, mixture of bread like Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Roti Sardin, Roti Prata, Roti Jala, Tosei, Roti Nan, Murtabak, Kebab with their eminent Indian curry and dal sauce; awesome soups like Sup Kambing, Sup Tulang and Sup Ekor; and not overlooking invigorating chilly treat; Ice Shaved Cendol with thick coconut milk and coconut chestnut sugar and Teh Tarik at some Indian nourishments slows down and restaurants.

Muar is mainstream for its Sirap Bandung (rose syrup with milk with discretionary pop and cincau) refreshment which is regularly served amid Malay wedding gathering, additionally effortlessly accessible at most Malay nourishment slows down and restaurant. Pear Juice sold at the natural product slows down at Jalan Yahya have an exceptional taste contrasted with pear juice from different ranges.

Going to a few restaurants and cafés in Muar would give nostalgic experience subsequent to nature and nourishment/drink being served have not changed following the ’60s and ’70s. Espresso bean and powder of Muar is celebrated among local people and sightseers. A standard breakfast incorporates a mug Muar espresso, the margarine and kaya spread roti bakar (bread toast) and half-boiled egg.

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